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newbeginnings 2 300KENTUCKY (2/8/14) – It’s Not Over, 'Til It’s Over

"You wanna run away, run away
And you say that it can’t be so.
You wanna look away, look away
But you stay, ‘cause it’s all so close.
When you stand up and hold out your hand
In the face what I don’t understand,
My reason to be brave."

Lyrics from the song, “Brave” by Josh Grobin

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you had a bad season in your life, where you just wanted it all to go away?

There is an old saying that says, “when it rain, it pours”, and this cannot be further from the truth sometimes.

During these times, all we may know to do is to look up to the heavens and yell “why me!”

We intellectually know that life isn’t fair and that hard times are a part of being alive. Yet, when these bad times come, we still want out and fast! This is a natural response.

If we were to burn ourselves on the stovetop, we would immediately pull away, because we don’t like the feeling of pain on our skin.

The same analogy goes not only for physical pain, but emotional pain as well.

When life starts to collapse around us, we tend to pull away because we don’t like the feelings it brings or the events that are happening to us.

I have heard throughout my life that there is a reason for our pain.

In the past, whenever I would hear this I would think, “Yeah right, people just say that when they don’t know what else to say.” However, as I have grown older, I see that there is truth in this.

How is that, you may ask?

Let’s dive into this deeper.

While on earth, we are supposed to be learning and growing.

Like I have said before, people evolve. We are not the same person at 20 that we are at 40, or at least we are not supposed to be anyway. Sometimes I joke about wishing I was 16 again, but Lord knows I would not want to bring my 16-year-old mentality back with me.

That girl and the woman that I am today are two different people (thank you Lord).

Now with that being said, my question to you is, when have you done your most growing and learning in life?

Was it while you were on the mountaintop or in the valley?

We learn the most in the valley; in the low points of our life. Once those bad times have passed (and they WILL pass because NOTHING lasts forever), we gain wisdom that we may not have gained if we had not gone through it.

So, one reason for our pain could be to gain wisdom.

Wisdom brings strength, and knowledge gives power.
Proverbs 24:5; the Holy Bible

Another possible reason for our pain and struggles in life could be to be able to help someone else at a later time.

I believe that people come into our lives sometimes because they need the knowledge of our experience. If they know someone who has been through the same hell they are going through and have come out the other side, this may be the only thing that keeps them hanging on.

Sometimes the people or situations in our life may not be healthy or best for us. Sometimes these people or situations fade away or do not work out like we have liked for our own good.

Think of your life as a book.

There are chapters and sections of the book, but the only ones that you can see are the chapters of the past and today’s page.

God is the ONLY one who sees the book in its entirety and He is the ONLY one who knows how it needs to end.

If you don’t take anything from this article, please remember that.
Other reasons for our pain may be to see the goodness in others, to use our struggles to make a change in the world, or to learn that we cannot do everything on our own.

Whatever the reason, we must remember that what we go through is inevitably, in the big picture, for our good in some way, shape or form. Once we really get that, we can see our struggles in a totally new light.

Having said all that, I will say this, our pain is for a reason and it will end only when that reason is accomplished.

Sorry friends, but our struggle isn’t going to be over until its purpose has been accomplished.

I say this because I have experienced it for myself and I have seen this happen time and time again.

We are here to learn, and in order to do that we must have tests.

I strongly believe that God knew what we were here to learn when we were born, and circumstances will come to us in life in order for us to learn these lessons.

When these tests come and if we get out of them prematurely or revert back to doing what doesn’t work, the circumstance may pass, however sooner or later it will revisit us again. It may come back with different people or situations, but the overall lesson is the same.

This is the second thing I want you to remember if you don’t take anything else with you from this article.

So, what do we do?

We stand.

We stand in the face of the storm that we do not understand and be brave.

"When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny."
Paulo Coelho   

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