firereports2011new a 300MADISONVILLE, Ky. (7/2/13) – On Monday, July 1, the Madisonville Fire Department (MFD) reported nine instances of activity within the Madisonville city limits.
At approximately 9:52 AM, MFD received a phone call at Station #2 from F-1 requesting Firefighters to go to Hancock Bank at 240 S. Main St. for an electrical smell. When firefighters arrived on scene, they used the T.I.C. to search the building for any sign of excessive heat in the electrical wiring. After further investigation it was found that the air conditioning unit on the roof was not working properly. The unit was turned off and bank staff called for maintenance to repair the unit. The scene was deemed safe and units returned to station.
12:50 PM, a call was received from Central Dispatch, via public service, advising of oil in the roadway in multiple locations on Nebo Rd, and Island Ford Rd. Upon arrival at the first location, E-16 found a large area of oil at the intersection of Nebo Rd and N. Main St. and requested Ky. Dept. of Transportation respond to spread sand over the area. E-16 continued to investigate and found similar spills at the intersection of Island Ford Rd. and Lantaff Blvd and the north bound onramp of I-69. E-16 crew deployed traffic cones to detour vehicles off the spill at Island Ford and Lantaff Blvd until sand could be applied. Ky. DOT responded with sand and covered the affected areas. No further action was taken and all units returned to station.
At 2:40 PM, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch for a structure fire at 647 S. Scott. St. Crews arrived on scene and found a single story, single family dwelling with moderate smoke coming from the attic vents. First arriving fire crew investigated and determined the fire to be in the attic area. Crew deployed the 150’, 1 3/4" preconnected hose line and advanced it through the front door to the attic access. Second and third arriving units positioned the positive pressure fan and controlled utilities. After the fire was extinguished, the positive pressure fan was started to evacuate the smoke from the attic. Thermal Imaging cameras were used to check for hot spots and insulation was removed in the area affected. The scene was deemed safe, all crews returned to station.
At 4:29 PM, MFD received notification from Station 1 for mutual aid request in body removal. Upon arrival crew determined that an additional crew would be needed due to the confined space and possible hazardous nature. Crews suited up in Class A protective suits due to the length of time the body had been in residence. The victim was wrapped in a sheet, placed in a body bag, and transferred to the care of M.C.A.S. for transport to the coroner’s office. Crews were run through a quick decon line using a 50' section of 1 1/2" connected to E-15. All chemical suits were disposed of in a separate body bag and taken to the coroner’s office as well. Scene was deemed safe and all crews returned to station without incident.
At 4:41 PM, an alarm was received from Central Dispatch advising of an electrical fire inside a structure at 335 Park Ave. Upon arrival, L2 crew met with the property owner in the front yard. The owner stated the he had just turned the electrical breaker back on so he could show the home to a possible renter. Once the home had electrical power again, the owner reported hearing a loud popping sound, then he could smell something burning and called 911. Upon performing a 360 survey of the structure, it was noticed that white smoke was coming from under the home on the “B-C” corner of the structure. A 1.75” preconnected line from E17 was ordered to be deployed to the “B-C” corner and the main electrical breaker located on the exterior of the structure was immediately shut off. After controlling all utilities and checking the interior of the home, it was determined that a metal electrical junction box located under the rear portion of the home was the cause of the popping sound and smoke. A firefighter was sent under the home to properly mitigate the burning wire issue and extinguish any hot spots. After checking the entire crawl space of the structure, no hot spots were found. The property owner was advised to have the electrical wiring inspected by a licensed professional before turning the electricity on again. The structure was deemed to be safe and all fire department units returned to quarters. F-1 and F-2 responded to assist with traffic control on Park Ave. Also American Red Cross responded to provide rehab for fire personnel due to excessive heat.
At 10:27 AM, an alarm was received from Central Dispatch for a vehicle on fire in front of the residence at 1417 W. Noel Ave. Upon arrival, fire crew found a full size pick-up truck with the passenger compartment fully involved in fire. 150' of 1 3/4 hose line was deployed to attack the fire. The passenger compartment was extinguished, then forcible entry tools were used to lift the hood to extinguish fire in the engine compartment. The battery cables were disconnected and the vehicle was overhauled to ensure the fire was completely out. The vehicle owner stated that he smelled something burning under the dash and pulled off the roadway and at that time the vehicle was on fire. Owner called 911 and evacuated mowing equipment from a trailer that was connected to the truck. The scene was deemed safe and all units returned to station.
At 12:52 AM, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch for report of grease fire inside a structure at 309 Richmond Drive. Upon arrival, crews found a single story, single family dwelling with no smoke or fire showing. Residents stated they had a grease fire approximately 30 minutes earlier but had put the fire out with a dry chemical extinguisher. Residents said they had called 911 because they received an electrical shock while cleaning the stove after the fire. They also stated that multiple people had been shocked by the stove previously in the week. Crews removed the stove hood as it was badly damaged by fire and also disconnected the stove from the electrical outlet. Residents were advised to have the electrical work checked by a licensed electrician prior to operating the stove again. One resident received minor burns to the hand from the fire. EMT's bandaged the hand and advised him to seek medical attention. Scene was deemed safe and all units returned to the station without incident.
At 7:26 AM, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch to assist Medical Center Ambulance Service at 1072 Grapevine Road. Responding units met MCAS on scene, who had one patient which had fallen into a landscape bed after hitting his head. Fire crew assisted with lifting the patient and loading him into the ambulance. The area was deemed safe and all units returned to quarters.
At 12:16 PM, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch to assist Medical Center Ambulance service with a cardiac arrest at 950 West Broadway. On arrival, fire crew found ambulance service was already on scene and providing patient care. Fire department EMT's assisted with CPR and loading of the patient into the ambulance, then helped with patient care and drove the ambulance to Baptist Health Emergency Department. After transferring care to Emergency Department staff, no further action was needed and crews returned to station.
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