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My Kentucky Roads: Remedy Vapor

remedy vapor1BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (9/8/13) – There is no secret that cigarette smoking can cause a lot of health problems. Knowing the consequences of cigarette smoking, what determines people from becoming a e-cig (electronic cigarette) smoker?

Some people refer to the feeling of relaxation and pleasure that they experience, others say it’s out of habit and find it hard not to smoke a cigarette, some go as far as to say it’s the sensation of holding a cigarette between their fingers and some people simply have never heard of an e-cig.

An e-cig or vapor cigarette, is a device that is used to substitute an analog cigarette. This device offers the possibility of being able to enjoy smoking without having to deal with actual smoke being released, bad odors and health problems. This device is smoke and flame free, and since the smoke ban was established, smokers are able to savor their e-cig wherever they go.

SurfKY was able to sit down and talk to new owner Sam Freeman of Remedy Vapor located on 2341 Russellville Road Suite 104, in Bowling Green Kentucky about his new store, why he chose to make changes and the perks of becoming an e-cig smoker.

“The way I got started on this, I was pretty much a dissatisfied customer. I smoked for ten years and I was really starting to feel the effects of smoking and I needed a solution,” said Freeman. “Someone led me to a shop and the product… and I tested it out and that was the last time I had a cigarette that was about 2 years ago.”

remedy vapor2

Currently around 40% Kentucky adults are smokers. There is no tobacco in these products, it’s a vapor based substance that contains nicotine. “You’re not actually blowing out smoke, in fact I wouldn’t even call it smoking… ‘vaping’ would be a more correct term for it,” said Freeman. “There is still nicotine in it but nicotine isn’t what is harmful in a cigarette. It’s the tar and chemicals that are put in a cigarette that are harmful. The chances of it causing problems is much smaller compared to actual tobacco smoking because it doesn’t have the tar and chemicals.. you start to feel better very rapidly.”

Ever since Freeman has quit, he has become more involved with the new and better products. He saw this new product as an opportunity to spread the word of the advantages of e-cigs in his community. “I really wanted to do this for the Bowling Green community, in order to get other people to quit smoking cigarettes, living healthier lives and saving money.”

Remedy Vapor has a testing station of 25 different flavors and all the products a new e-cig smoker would need to get started. “Here we have a testing station and people can come in to test out the products, if it works for them… great! I feel like there is something here for everyone. If not, you’re not forced to buy anything or forced to go into this blindly.”

All ingredients are labeled on the bottles and Freeman provides a description of all his products and offers organic based flavors as well.

Thanks to this new device, the ability for people to socialize has increased. Traditional smoking created a lot of obstacles especially at a social level. “I believe that e-cigs has increased people to socialize even more so than real cigs. You can smoke them inside, while playing cards, video games, etc. also, they are a great conversation starter at a bar or wherever you go,” Freeman stated.

vapor remedy3

E-cigs are innovative and have been able to break the barriers that smokers have been facing over the years. Using this product has given a freedom for smokers to enjoy smoking, and since it’s a new product, it has become a conversation starter. E-cig smokers have been able to notice a beneficial change in their breathing and in their morning cough routine, they have more energy throughout the day and even their taste buds and smells have increased.

“There are a lot of things out there that don’t work and I have seen this first hand. As a smoker, you should not be scared to try this,” said Freeman. “I want people to quit smoking. I know the effects of it. I think every American knows the effects of smoking whether they smoke or not. You can’t sit there and say you don’t know someone who has died or has become terribly ill from the effects of cigarette smoking. To have this product out there gives people hope and it can make a difference in people lives.”

You can visit Remedy Vapor’s Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RemedyVapor?ref=br_tf.

Amber Averitt
SurfKY News
Photos Provided by Amber Averitt

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