CleatonBaptist1MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (8/7/13) – On Sunday evening, August 11, 2013, Muhlenberg County Sheriff Curtis McGehee spoke at yet another local church in his ongoing campaign to educate the county community on the various issues that Methamphetamine drugs bring to our region.

This week, Sheriff McGehee spoke before the congregation of Cleaton Baptist Church. A rather large number of church attendees were present for this event.

The service opened with church Pastor Brian Jones introducing Sheriff McGehee and stating that he very much appreciated the Sheriff’s presence and the impact that he has made on the community.

At this particular presentation, Sheriff McGehee accented the importance of using local references in regards to recent meth busts. He stated that it doesn’t quite have the impact that it should if one referenced out of state meth issues in relation to local individuals.

With a very large number of children present, Sheriff McGehee pinpointed that local youth should be very careful who they “hang out” with. The root of this concern is that many local youth that would not normally even consider doing drugs might get a lot of peer pressure from those they call friends, if those individuals were on a particular drug.

The Sheriff also discussed the processes of Meth on the human body, and how Dopamine was the main factor in the short and long-term effects of Meth.

CleatonBaptist2Sheriff McGehee took time to answer several questions, some from the large number of youth present, and made it a point to let the children speak their minds.

The dangers and the uprising in Meth was accented when one child told the Sheriff that he had been playing in the woods with his young friends when they came upon a meth lab.

As per the last few presentations, Sheriff Curtis made it a point to let the community know that, though law enforcement is currently striving hard to deal with meth in the community, the average citizen was the strongest tool available in gathering knowledge and inevitably putting a stop to local meth issues.

If you have a tip on Meth, or any other criminal activity, reporting it can be simple and your name can stay off the record. Simply go to the Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s office website at . From there, click on that tab near the top of the screen where it says, “Report a Crime.” The page you are directed to will allow you to anonymously report a crime to Sheriff McGehee, without using your name at all. Sheriff McGehee actually urged citizens to be sure and not use their names when utilizing this tip source.

A special thanks to the congregation of Cleaton Baptist church for their welcoming of Sheriff McGehee and SurfKY News, and a special thanks to church staff member Sandra Whitworth for the invitation and the warm welcome.

J.L. Graham
SurfKY News

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