xtreme7KENTUCKY (11/17/2012) - I’ve been on this road as a minister for nearly 13 years now. 13 come April 11 of this year, to be exact. I have both seen and been through a lot. I’ve seen the good and the bad of both churches and this world. I’ve noticed a common trend in our world, and sadly our churches.

There are so many broken people out there, and many that grace our paths. I have also set on the outside for several years now, not “in” with traditional churches. It’s sad, to see it from an outsiders view…you can see the pain of all those around you, those needing Christ the most.

It’s even sadder to see those same people leave our churches still broken. What have we done to help them? How often has our finger pointing pushed them away from our churches, better yet God? How many have we exiled to Hell, simply because they didn’t seem worth our time or efforts?

Still, for all those that the church has ignored or pushed away, there is a place you can go to be made whole. To all those hurting and still have no where to run…there is One you can run to. Trust a minister who has been there, and leads a ministry full of those that have been there too…there is always a way to be made whole again.

Many say that our past makes us bound for hell. Many will say that our current sins are a damnation to Hell. Still, the Bible says that those who judge will be judged the same way they judge others. The same Book also says that all are loved equally…all are just as important to Christ.

The difference in those in churches that judge others, and the ones they judge is simple…those that judge are better at hiding their sins. The difference is that those that are judged and are broken, are closer to being right with Christ than those that judge.

When we are broken we are humble. When humble, we are more willing to give in to His will. Those that judge are prideful. The prideful will not bend to His will as easily.

So to those that are broken, far from “Home” with Christ…fall to your knees. Know that no matter where you are from or what you have done, no matter where you are at in life right now…God will always be there waiting for you. You are just as deserving as any of the world. Fall before the cross and Christ…that is where the broken are made whole.

Rev. Antony Bogdon. Antony is the CEO of Xtreme Fire Ministries. If you would like to learn more about his ministry, visit us online at: www.xtremefireministries.com.  Information provided to SurfKY News by Rev. Antony Bogdon.

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