xtreme7KENTUCKY (4/20/2012) - It’s an unfortunate thing that we seldom address. We play it off, like it’s just part of life or growing up. Still, so many lives are ruined by it…yet we do nothing. In this blog, I want to talk about bullies.

You see, all too often, someone is seen as “less than others.” Perhaps they don’t have the abilities others do, maybe they don’t look the way others want, and maybe they are just different. It’s these people that are made to be “less” than the rest of us. Through cruel jokes or pranks, they are made to feel inferior to others.

We chalk it up as “just fun,” still…is there a price that is paid? Does the end result really equal the “fun?” You see, recently I have heard of a young person who ended their life over a bully. The sad thing is, this isn’t a rare thing. All too often, these “jokes” turn ugly and the result is a life that is lost.

Way before their time, long before they can prove their haters wrong…a life ends. We mourn over them, and move on. Still, what are we doing to make sure that this ends? Are we teaching our youth differently? Are we reaching out to those that are hated, trying to show them love…let them know that they are worth every bit as much as their class mates?

The harsh and depressing fact is that we are doing nothing. From our schools to our churches…these kids are walking in and out of our lives and we do nothing. Here’s another depressing fact, those young lives are on the bullies hands. One day, they will realize what they did…how they pushed the “lesser” to a point that they simply gave up. The result? Another life ruined.

Is this the legacy we want to leave behind us? Are we willing to watch these young people ruin their lives? Can we honestly sit by, as “Christians” (or so called ones at least) and do nothing to help stop this? It’s time we stand up, show some love, and teach our youth how to be better than bullies. It’s time we do something, before more lives are ruined.

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Rev. Antony Bogdon. Antony is the CEO of Xtreme Fire Ministries. If you would like to learn more about his ministry, visit us online at: www.xtremefireministries.com.  Information provided to SurfKY News by Rev. Antony Bogdon.

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