xtreme6KENTUCKY (10/20/2012) - We live in an age where our worth in measured by worldly standards; our income, weight, looks, possessions, to our family…all decide how much we are worth. All too often, we buy into this, allowing ourselves to feel less than worthy of so much in life. Still, do these standards really decide who is worth what?

Does a person that makes six figures a year but never helps their fellow man really touch lives and help better this world? Does a person that drives a fancy car or has expensive clothes really reach people easier? How can we say that those that have less are worth less? Does a person with a six pack stomach really make a better witness to the world? How can we say that a persons appearance determines how many they can reach?

You see, the world says that we have to fit a certain image and live a certain life in order to be “worth anything.” It’s funny, because those that fit that image, often take life and this world for granted the most. I look around, and proudly live in the group that this world says in “unworthy.” I see an entire group of people with a passion and love that could change this world…if they only knew their worth.

How often does this world, or the people in it, make you feel like you are less than the rest of it’s inhabitants? I’ve been blessed to hear so many open up to me. Sadly, it’s a common trend in our world, people feeling unworthy. What is even sadder, is the fact that we, “the church,” are one of the main contributors of people feeling this way.

Here’s some facts for those "misfits", those that the world feels are “unworthy.” You see, when Jesus died on that cross of Calvary, He did it for you. He didn’t worry about what you wore, how much money you had, or your status in your world. No, He only worried about whether or not you would love Him back. When He died, and rose again, He only asked that you accept His gift…follow Him.

It wasn’t just for the people that can buy anything they want, and actually Jesus said that the rich would have a hard time getting to Heaven. It wasn’t for those that know the Bible front and back, and actually Jesus called the pharoses fools. You see, He stood up and loved those that the world rejected.  It wasn't for those that the world looks at as being the most attractive, actually Jesus gives warnings about being vain.  His word says that He will make the less of us the greatest and will make the greatest of us the least.

Here is the point in case, you are worth everything. No matter where you are from, how much money you have, what sins you are guilty of, or any other factor…you are worth everything to Christ. When He died on that cross you were the only thing He was worried about…the only one He thought of. He wasn’t worried about the money you would make or the clothes you would wear. He didn’t think of what kind of body art you would have, or how many tats you might get. He wasn't worried about how much you would weigh, or your physical appearance.  He didn’t worry about the car you would buy, or if you would work a job that paid big bucks or make minimum wage. No, He only thought of whether or not you would love Him back.

Next time you feel “unworthy,” stop and pray. Despite what this world says, despite what friends or family may say, stop and listen to God. Think of that cross on Calvary, close your eyes and see Jesus up on that tree. Listen close to Him as He cries out to you. There you will hear just how Jesus feels about you, despite the world’s view on you. There you will hear Jesus cry out to you, “YOU ARE WORTH IT!”

LOGO2Rev. Antony Bogdon. Antony is the CEO of Xtreme Fire Ministries. If you would like to learn more about his ministry, visit us online at: www.xtremefireministries.com.  Information provided to SurfKY News by Rev. Antony Bogdon.

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