xtreme5KENTUCKY (12/07/2012) - December is a time of celebration.  I remember as a kid learning about the reason we celebrate.  I can recall the “Christmas” specials, walking through the malls and sitting at school and hearing about the Christmas traditions.  Still, where has it all gone?
Somewhere, over the past 30 years, we have become “politically” conscience.  “Merry Christmas” has been replaced with “Happy Holidays” and all the Christian traditions have been brushed under the rug.  Still, I ask, where has Christmas gone?  
Sure, as a kid we talked of Santa Claus, but we learned of the real Saint Nicholas too.  We watched our Rudolph specials, but there was the Christmas story as well.  Our churches spent all month preparing to celebrate the occasion of all occasions.  
Still, do we remember Christmas?  Do we remember what it is all about?  Do we recall the story that was told to us?  Do we even know the real story anymore?  Let’s take a little time and look back, over 2000 years ago…to the first Christmas.
You see, on that first Christmas, not just our Savior was born.  So much more happened.  More that we tend to think about, let alone teach.  You see, on that day, the world changed.  That was the day that our Creator came to us as a child.  The day He started out 33 years of being a man and walking this Earth with us.  
It would be the start of something amazing, something that would change our world forever.  No more sacrifices, no more worrying about a priest taking our sins to the Father, no more traditions that held us back as a people.  No, we would be forever free.  
Christmas, the birth of our Savior.  A day that changed it all, for us all.  Regardless if the world accepts Him, or even if they believe in Him, it is OUR day to celebrate our new beginning.  A beginning that would allow us to be in God’s presence again, the way He intended us to be.  Christmas, the day that we should be celebrating the birth of a perfect Man that died so that we could all be free through Him.  The perfect lamb that was to be slain for our sins was born.  
It was the birth of the King of all kings, the one that everyone will bow before one day.  Still, do we remember it?  Beyond the trees and lights, past the mistletoes and so much more than the music, Christmas is a time that we remember the One that came to us.  
For those that know Christ, the ones that claim His name as Christians, we should be ashamed of how we let this nation get.  Remember the days where Jesus was the center of December, the way He should be?  I remember the day He stopped.  The day we started worrying about offending people that didn’t believe.  
Funny, how offended will they be when judgment comes and they don’t make it to Heaven?  Should we concern ourselves with offending those that stand against Christ?  The time has come; the battle lines have been drawn.  Where do you stand?  One side is politically correct and leads away from the manger and the cross that have meant so much to our world.  The other side offends a world that we don’t belong to, yet leads to Paradise with the Savior that this world needs and still forgets.  The time has come for us to choose a side, politically correct or Christian.  It’s the one time of the year that we join together and celebrate the birth of our King.  Do you remember it?  Do you remember CHRISTmas?   

Rev. Antony Bogdon. Antony is the CEO of Xtreme Fire Ministries. If you would like to learn more about his ministry, visit us online at: www.xtremefireministries.com.  Information provided to SurfKY News by Rev. Antony Bogdon.

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