tx1KENTUCKY (11/24/2012) - During Jesus’ days on earth, He had 12 disciples. Each of them were different, each of them played a major role in history. Still, there is one that stands out to me…one that many people frown on. Thomas, or as many call Him, “doubting Thomas.”

You see, Thomas was the one that didn’t see Jesus after He had risen. When the others went to Thomas to tell him the news, he refused to believe it. He told them he would not believe it until he saw the scars on Jesus’ wrist and felt the hole in His side. This is were many people start looking at Thomas in a different light.

Jesus would in fact show up to see Thomas. He would also call Thomas out for his doubt. Jesus would show Thomas His wrist and tell Thomas to feel the hole in His side. It was at that point that Thomas broke down and confessed that Jesus was truly King of Kings. Still, what lesson can be learned from this? Is it the fact that Thomas was “checked” by Jesus in front of the others? Is it that we are to trust Christ and never lose faith?

You have to understand, we all lose sight of our faith sometimes. Jesus will often show up to us, and tell us to “look at His wrist.” It is at our times of weakest faith, that Jesus will often show us just how great He is. Still, let’s get back to the lesson from Thomas.

How often is it that life throws a curve ball and we see, “no way out of it”? Isn’t it funny how we can talk about the lack of faith by Thomas, yet show that our faith fails in comparison to his? It’s ironic how we can teach faith, hope, and tell others that we need to not follow in Thomas’ foot steps. Still, what about when we let life get us down?

Jesus teaches that He will take care of His own. That means that what ever your need may be, He has your back. Jesus, the Messiah, the One True King…has your back. When life gets too hard, He will step in. How many times has life put up a road block that had, “absolutely no way around it”? Then, how many times did that situation just seem to work out perfectly? Funny, how Jesus will still prove Himself…even though He has nothing to prove to us.

Think about it, all the times that prayers were answered and we didn’t even notice it. Each time, that was Jesus reaching out His hands. He was saying, “Here’s my hands, can you see the scars? Here is my side, can you feel the hole? Does this not prove my love and devotion to you?” Here’s the million dollar question at the end of all that…when Jesus shows you His wrist, what will you do? Will you drop to your knees and give Him everything, like Thomas did? Will you just mark it off as happenstance and move on? It’s time we stop and look at the hands that are guiding us, do you see the scars?

Rev. Antony Bogdon. Antony is the CEO of Xtreme Fire Ministries. If you would like to learn more about his ministry, visit us online at: www.xtremefireministries.com.  Information provided to SurfKY News by Rev. Antony Bogdon.

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