Bearing the cross red 300KENTUCKY (11/25/12) – I have been looking around lately and I am saddened at what I see. So many people are trying to draw water from a well that is completely empty. No matter what it is, so many are seeking satisfaction from something that can never satisfy.
I am taken to the story in John 4 where Jesus encounters the woman at the well. Jesus took the location of their encounter and turned it into a teaching tool. Jesus sits at a well and a Samaritan woman comes up. Jesus, being God, knows everything about this woman, so he strikes up a conversation with her. She is filling up her water jar and he asks for a drink. After breaking through some cultural prejudices that existed between the Jews and the Samaritans, Jesus gets to the core of the problem.
The woman has been married to five men and is living with someone who is not her husband. Jesus clearly points out that this woman is seeking fulfillment in relationships and as we can see, she isn’t too successful in it. My campus minister says that this woman was “looking for love in all the wrong places.”
Jesus leads her to see that she is trying to draw water from an empty well and that the only thing that can ever eternally fill her is him. He says that he will give her living water and that she will never be thirsty again if she will just ask.

Jesus is being figurative here. Of course she is going to need actual H2O again, but spiritually, she is never going to find fulfillment in all of these marriages. I look around and I see so many people living the exact same way.

Some pursue money because it gives them security and power.
Some pursue unhealthy relationships because it gives them a thrill.
Some pursue alcohol because it makes them feel good.
Some pursue advancing themselves out of pride.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things that are good, but can be used for evil (money, healthcare, sex, etc.). We must not seek to find fulfillment in these things. These things can never fill us.
Casting Crowns has a song out called “The Well” based off this story in John 4. The lyrics to the chorus say:

    All who thirst will thirst no more
    All who search will find what their souls long for
    The world will try, but it can never fill
    Leave it all behind and come to the well

It’s a beautiful picture in the story of John 4. After Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah to the woman, she leaves her water jar and runs out to tell people that she has just met the Christ.
Whether you are a Christian or not, nothing can eternally fill you except Jesus. Jesus is the one thing that can completely satisfy our souls! As the song says, “The world will try, but it can never fill.”
Just as the woman in John 4 did, we must leave behind our water jars (the things we are trying to fill our lives with) and come to the well of living water that is Jesus.

Aaron Frasier
Bearing the Cross

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