agenda truth 300KENTUCKY (12/31/12) – This whole fiscal cliff thing proves the "Progressives" are in power and have infiltrated both the Democrat and Republican parties. Each side it stalling. Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Obama, all of them.  They are "progressives"! To quote Rahm Immanuel in explaining a progressive tactic, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Our government is intentionally orchestrating every important major piece of legislation and intentionally putting it off to the very end so that it is a crisis. They utilize the media to hype up the problem and put fear into us so that we are willing to accept whatever it is they are seeking to pass.  Just so long as it will save us from the very danger that they created themselves.   It is them who allowed it to become a crisis rather than taking the time to study the issue for a good period and make a properly INFORMED decision for the protection and prosperity of our HOME.  

This has happened before in Hungary after WWII.   The government of Hungary instituted policies and created crisis scenarios that riled up the people into riots.  The good liberty minded people begged for the government to put an end to the madness.  That is when complete government control took over and it is exactly what the people asked for.  Government control would not have been necessary had the government itself not been creating policies and crisis scenarios to create chaos in the first place.

To add insult to injury President Obama just issued an executive order giving the V.P. and all members of Congress a pay-raise.  This is a group of people he claims is horrible and doing a terrible job.  Not a single one of them have rejected it that I am aware of.  

They are intentionally destroying our HOME!  These are people who supposedly work for us!   All of us hate what they are doing.  We are dissatisfied with all of them and President Obama issues an executive order giving them all a raise with money our Nation does not have.   However it will be acquired through more taxation of what each of us creates and by increasing the debt that will be a future burden to OUR CHILDREN!   All the while we sit back and are shocked, but take no action.  Therefore they win and happily accept.

 “We the People” have been pacifist for generations.  We have been pacifist for so long that our government no longer fears us.  Have “We the People” become cowards?  Those in government know they can come and go and do as they please. Our government has used fear against us and disrespected us time and time again from illness, to wars, to terrorism, to economic collapse, to excessive taxation, to burdensome debt, to continued enslavement, to enslaving our children, and we do nothing. When the people live in fear of their government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty.

God the most Holy creator, created each of us from the creation of existence with freedom; the freedom of choice.  Choice is liberty.  Government is trying to take away our very liberties a little at a time to take away the first gift God gave us at our creation; freedom to live peacefully in a perfect place and liberty to choose to accept or refuse it.  Living in fear is not a perfect or good place.  The government is using fear and progressive tactics to slowly take away our liberty and provide us with no choice; only government.  


Laus Deo,

Chris Toney
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