NewBeginnings Gayla 04KENTUCKY (3/1/14) – “What comes around goes around.”

I have heard this saying since I was very young. Only until in my recent adult years have I witnessed firsthand that this is not just an old wives tale. I have started doing something that my dad says that he does all the time. I listen and I watch more.

I see the person who was mean and hateful all throughout their adult life. I see them in their old age mainly alone, except for the select few people who either have the patience of a saint or just feel sorry for them. I see that they have family and do not have to live this life of isolation. However, while they were young, they burned too many bridges.

Do not deceive yourselves; no one makes a fool of God. People will reap exactly what they sow. – Galatians 6:7 – The Holy Bible; Good News Translation

Did they think their health would never fail? Maybe so.

Did they feel justified for their actions? At that time, they probably did.

Whatever their thought pattern or reasons for their actions, they made a bed for themselves and now they must lie in it.

I see the person who placed their wants over their family. I hear the stories of abuse and neglect from family members; their flesh and blood who only wanted their love and affection. Then one day, the roles are reversed. The parent and the child have switched places, but the children who have become the overseers are distant. Now during lonesome nights as they lie on their beds, all they have is time, as they lie in the dark haunted by their past.

I see the person who had a rough childhood with an abusive parent and a world that did not call them one of their own. They had every right to be angry, bitter, and mean. However, they chose to rise above it all. They knew that even though people could take a lot of things away from them there was one thing that they couldn’t take-their mind. They knew that we all live in our mind and that we could make a heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven, just with our way of thinking. They choose life and because of that choice, they were a joy to be around!  Years later as I plant a kiss good-bye on their check, I step back from her deathbed and watch as she takes her last breath, surrounded by loved ones.  

As we live out this book called our life, with each day and every waking moment, we are making a bed. One day, we will have to lie in the bed that we made for ourselves throughout the years. My question to you is, “Is your bed comfy?

For every action there is a consequence, what goes around comes around. Karma will teach us all something, whether we like it or not. Unknown

Wishing you a life with little regret!
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