outdoors with big country 300KENTUCKY (11/21/12) – Deer Season here in Kentucky is on the downhill slide, so to speak, since the rut seems to be winding down, especially with these warmer temperatures that we are experiencing.
That said, most hunters that spent some time in the woods have more than likely either seen or heard the yelp or howl of the coyote! We all know that the coyote numbers, in and around Kentucky, are high and a lot of people are reporting that they have either seen or heard the critter of the night in their neighborhood. I even had a lady to inform me of seeing up to three or four coyotes in her yard one night last week! This is beginning to create some issues with residents that have livestock or small dogs as pets. I have seen for myself the evidence of what a pack of coyotes has done to a full grown whitetail deer!
For the state of Kentucky, the coyote is located in all of the 120 Counties! These animals are usually nocturnal and run and feed during the night, but on cold days, you might possibly spot one during daylight!
The season for coyotes is year-round as they are considered as a nuisance in Kentucky. For the most part, to be legal to hunt the "Wiley Coyote" a person must have a Kentucky Hunting License unless otherwise exempt, and must hunt during daylight hours. I suggest that a person read the Kentucky Hunting Guide 2012 on pages 3 and 28 through 30 to get more familiar with all the regulations of hunting coyotes!
Also another Season comes in on Saturday, November 24th, and that is the Kentucky Wildcat season. Better known as the bobcat, these are very sharp critters to hunt for. The Season on bobcat goes from Nov.24-Feb.28, 2013 and bag limit is five cats per person, and only three may be taken by firearm. Also, as per the Kentucky Hunting Guide on page 30, there are the regulations of the Seasons! I highly recommend that you do go for some of this type of hunting, as it is very exciting and rewarding, especially if you do have the opportunity to take either animal, particularly the bobcat!
Some people may ask, “Why you would want to hunt or kill a beautiful animal such as a bobcat?” Well, as a hunter and outdoorsman, we are managers of critters that do not have a predator that goes after them. In the last few years Muhlenberg County has been #1 in the state on bobcat harvest! Numbers are populating higher every year, and as hunters we control overpopulating. This also eliminates too many animals in a certain area that may take the food supply of other small game, such as rabbits, quail, squirrels, and turkey, and yes, deer! It's all in great management from the Ky. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife! They, as an Official Group of Game Management, have done an excellent job in every aspect of every animal that we have in Kentucky.
Currently they are working hard to restore the bobwhite quail across the state. In Muhlenberg County they have an excellent Quail Restoration Program in effect on the Peabody WMA Area on the Sinclair Unit. We all will appreciate this Program in a few years down the road as the quail numbers are boosted up!
As for now I would like to say, if you go out hunting, practice your best safety habits and teach those habits to the youth while they are afield with you. You can never be too safe. Have fun going after these wily critters and try to set up down-wind and be fully camouflaged while hunting.
Until next time....I'll see you on the water or in the woods! Be safe and come back home with some great memories.
Outdoors with Big Country

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