bluecc300 BMADISONVILLE, KY (4/19/12) – Lisa Wigley is resigning but the money has not changed. The loan to renovate the annex next to the Dulin building is $650,000.00. What has changed? Nothing!
When the Library was downtown, they paid $85,000.00 for the Annex building, then asked the Fiscal Court for $65,000.00. The city of Madisonville runs on $450,000.00. This is a city! Why is it costing $650,000.00 to fix one building? It looks like as long as the library has had the annex building, they could have already had this building ready to move into.
“I think her presence has meant a lot to the county and that she has left the library a better place than it was,” said a library official. Now, let’s take a look at the following statement…
1) Over the past 4 or 5 years, the Fiscal Court gave the Library over $100,000.00 to fix the third floor.
2) The Library spent $85,000.00 on a building that is in the same shape now that it was when they purchased it.
3) On the statement above, “Left the library a better place,” how can it be a better place when the library downtown has been gutted.. The $85,000.00 building next to the library has not had a thing done to it.
4) When it takes over $450,000.00 to run one building, and $350,000.00 is for salary, Red flags begin to come up!
5) When the Library Board appoints a new director, then a new board should be appointed.
I’m asking the citizens, is there going to be a change in the library? The way it sounds it is not.

The library is spending more money now to fix one building:
- $650,000.00 – Fix Annex Building
- $85,000.00 – Annex Building Cost
- $400,000.00 – Coal Tax
- $350,000.00 – Payroll
TOTAL: $1,485,000.00
This is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. What I don’t understand is that the library in Nortonville runs on its’ own. Lisa Wigley was put on probation for three months. There are currently a lot of red flags! Why has it took this long for things to happen? I know most, or all, the money above has been spnet. The library is a non-profit organization, just like the Red Cross. I don’t see the city and the county paying the Red Cross this kind of money!
The city of Madisonville cut $95,000.00 from the library, and as far as I know, the county has not cut any from the library. Where is the money coming from?
If I were the Judge of Hopkins County, I would tell the library that they had better start holding fundraisers to get that $650,000.00.
Scott Rogers
Blue Collar Comments
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Posted on 2/2/14
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