MADISONVILLE, KY (9/10/12) – Over the weekend of September 7-9, the Madisonville Fire Department (MFD) reported six instances of activity within the Madisonville city limits.
On Friday, Sept. 7, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch for a fire at 55 East North St., Brighton Cornerstone nursing home. Upon arrival fire crew met with maintenance supervisor. Fire crew was advised that a detector had shorted out activating the alarm system. Fire crew entered the structure to investigate the cause of the detector malfunction. Maintenance had reset the alarm prior to MFD arrival. It was determined that condensation from the ductwork, above the drop ceiling, had gathered around the detector to short it out. Maintenance advised that it would correct the situation. Fire crew asked that the alarm only be silenced in the future in order for M.F.D. personnel to view alarm panel. The scene was deemed safe. All units returned to the stations.
On that same day, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch for a request for assistance from Medical Center Ambulance Service for medical assistance needed at 609 Park Avenue. Upon arrival fire personnel found a patient that had fallen next to a bed. A family member advised crews that the patient had recently had hip surgery, and lost her balance. Fire crew assessed the patient and took vitals before positioning the patient onto the bed. Medical Center Ambulance Service arrived on scene and took over patient care. Crews helped with the packaging and loading of the patient for transport to Regional Medical Center. Area was deemed safe and crews returned to station.
Also on Sept. 7, an alarm was received from Central Dispatch for a garbage receptacle on fire behind 1055 N. Main St. Upon arrival fire crew found a garbage receptacle with flames showing. The fire crew used 150' of 1 3/4' pre-connected hose line to extinguish the flames. During investigation it was learned that an employee had improperly disposed of ashes that was suspected to be cause of the fire. The scene was deemed to be safe and all units returned to station.
On Saturday, Sept. 8, MFD received a request from South Hopkins Fire Department to remove a roof from a burned vehicle. The vehicle was towed to Medical Center Ambulance Service and placed in the bay area. The vehicle contained the remains of a human body. Removal of the roof and trunk was necessary to allow law enforcement agencies unimpeded access to the body. The fire crew used hydraulic rescue equipment to perform the extrication procedure. Once access was gained, the scene was turned back over to law enforcement. No further action required.
On Sunday, September 9, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch for a fire alarm activation at 120 E. Center Street at the Hopkins County Justice Center. Upon arrival fire crews entered the building from the A and C sides. No fire was found. Maintenance supervisor arrived on scene and directed units to an air handling room where a faulty heat pump was found to have burned out its electric motor. Alarm was reset. No further action needed. All units returned to station.
On Monday morning at 3:36 PM, MFD received an alarm from Central Dispatch for a fire alarm activation at 444 S. Main Street at MultiCare. Upon arrival fire crew found nothing showing. Firefighters performed a 360 degree walk around while another crew gained access to the structure. The fire alarm panel was showing a water flow alarm in the sprinkler room. Firefighters checked the affected room and determined that a water pressure surge had caused the alarm to activate. Scene was deemed safe. No further action was taken. All units returned to station.
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Information provided by the Madisonville Fire Department

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