'Mr. Prop', who recently retired from his Fox News gig (the pretty info babes just pushed him out the door, but he's used to that), will host a show on NPR.  His first segment ... a hard-hitting and in depth interview with the White House gardener ... yes, this veggies are real, we ship them in daily! He's got a swanky new pad and the babes just love him ... one more girl friend and he'll qualify for the PGA tour.

Other 8-2 players that picked the Dogs chewing up the Cats were Doug 'Double D' Dennis, Patrick 'Goat' Carlisle (we'll have to go to the monitor to see if that last-minute change in his score will stand), Steve 'Florida Boy' Posey, and the one-and-only Phillip 'Hot Tub' Teer. 'Hot Tub' is continuing his world tour ... this week in South Beach weed-eating for LeBron and waving to the folks on the cruise ships as they sail out to sea. Don't be jealous and keep your fingers to yourself 'Hot Tub', wouldn't want to create an incident.

Also clipping an 8-2 coupon was Greg 'Ninja' Pirtle ... was that him piloting the Conan blimp ... same hairdo! Holy Cow! Are you kidding me! Somebody call the cops ... Aliens have landed in San Antone and abducted our little Aaron 'Cougar Tamer' Teer and replaced him with a robotic clone! No way you go from 1-9 to 7-3 in just seven days ... just ask the Cowboys! Much like Brett arve's wife, 'Cougar Tamer' was ready to retire ... but he 'ponyed-up' one more time and at least got to within spitting distance of a coveted "BTE T".

Nice job Aaron-baby ... we're already in the process of designing commemorative pins for your accomplishment! Just remember, one week of success doesn't make you a champ ... just ask the folks at Notre Dame.

Still out there creating jobs and fighting for the people is 'The Brain' with his 7-3 platform. (That's right, he stole that line from Joe B the VP ... he certainly wasn't using it). 6-4 ... kinda like waking up in the morning with a cat licking your forehead. Well .... here kitty, kitty ... Clinton 'Big Mo' Thornberry (that little engagement ring gets tighter and tighter each week, huh Mo), Bobby 'Captain Comeback' Gibson (you better be putting on that cape and those tights because time is running out ... OK, forget the tights), David 'Miquel' Brown (latin heat has cooled to a simmer, you might need a few more pushup and sit-ups to regain your form). Our final 6-4 picker decided to return the game ... Shaun 'Little T' Townsend ... back from the DL after suffering that groin injury while trimming his nose hairs.

Ouch ... like taking a helmet-to-helmet hit ... 5-5 players included Keith 'Storm Chaser' Cartwright, George 'the Legend' Pirtle, Gary 'the Professor' Goodaker, 'Toddler' Griffin and the final saga in a long list of Teers ... bringing up the rear, and we know how painful that can be ... Forrest 'Rambo' Teer. He's seemed to have lost his edge ...cruising' around in his new mega-bucks SUV listening to his Lil Wayne CD's and tossing candy to the Robards faithful while sorting through all his mailbox money ... non-stop parade
for 'Rambo'. He's got a new driver ... kinda the Bin Laden type only clean-shaven and not so stinky, they call him Ackmed!

Oh yeah, two more half-and-halfers ... Mack 'the Knife' (thinking about changing his name to Chan Chan and moving to Dallas. If Chan can get you one win ... Chan Chan means two notches in the W column and a hefty contract. Hey great name for oriental restaurant Chan Chan The Knife, home of the spicy mystery meat!

Thanks Kent 'Muscles' Boswell for your mediocre performance on the panel ... we'll be looking for your new phone app out soon ... automatic losers one-touch! (By the way ... his nifty little song/dance segment on Glee was cratched because he couldn't keep the rose in his mouth while belting out his tune).

Are you ready to go down the 4-6 rabbit hole ... on the way down you'll bump into Jacob 'the Gipper' Knight and newcomer Adam 'It's All' Goodaker. Sometimes boys you have to just give up on the pass play and throw it in the dirt. Don't take the sack! Get those picks in, week 9 is here and you're running out of time to claim a BTE t-shirt ... This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , fax 270-667-9160.

Week 9 picks:
Ballard Memorial @ Webster Co.
Christian Co. @ Boyle County
Murray @ Crittenden County
Kentucky @ Mississippi State
Missouri @ Nebraska
Oregon @ USC
Green Bay @ N.Y. Jets
Jacksonville @ Dallas
Miami @ Cincinnati
Michigan State @ Iowa

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Posted on 2/2/14
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