this time  ‘Double D’ taking the title briefly held by ‘Hot Tub’. Both finished with 8-2 cards but the  wisdom and experience of multi-time winner ‘Double D’ leaped to the forefront.

‘Hot Tub’ was last seen in California ... seems he’s been hired as an economic advisor to  slice into that out-of-control deficit. His game plan ... screen doors for every government  building and a make-over on the HOLLYWOOD sign ... all lower case letters. He’s a hero  out there now ... last seen backstage at a Lady Gaga concert hob-knobbing with the back- up singers. Bumped into the Aaaaarrrrnold ‘the Governator’ ... arm-wrestled him for one  of Gaga’s sweaty outfits. We heard he was delivering a compelling power-point  presentation today on how to rid the area of activitist judges. Wow! We quickly jump to our 7-3 players including Jacob ‘the Gipper’ Knight, ‘Tiny’ Tim Sharp  of our Caldwell Chapter, Steve ‘Florida Boy’ Posey (hey dude, thanks for taking time out of  your busy schedule ... building your condo empire ... to remember us), along with one of  our favorites ... the return of Andrew ‘Mountain Man’ Hudson.

Check out this new gig for  ‘Mountain Man’ ... personal designer for the new Paris Hilton ‘scratch and sniff’ line of  handbags. That’s a big seller in West Virginia.

Well lookie here, a new player to the “BTE” ranks. That’s right another Teer joins the fold  ... the silver-tongued, baby-boy who recently traded in his speedo, water wings and beach  bod... picked up the family and moved to San Antone.

Now sporting chaps and spurs (no,  not a Village People wannabe) it’s Aaron ‘Cougar Tamer’ Teer jumping into the “BTE”  waters with a 7-3. We love ‘fresh meat’ and our highly-trained focus group feels ‘Cougar  Tamer’ will be easy money for the veterans he will have to deal with on a weekly basis. Ooops, one more 7-3! Give it up for Mack ‘the Knife’. We’re still awaiting his latest dance  video ... pants on the ground while chewing on a bologna sandwich with hot cheese, pants  on the ground. Pants on the ground, hat turned around ... acting like a fool while slicing  that ground round! 6-4 players include ‘Expert’ Connie ‘007’ Etherington along with sidekick Aaron ‘Mr.  Bruised Admiral’ Etherington, and another young newcomer full of energy (OK, he’s full of  something, yet to be determined) ... let’s give it up for the newest hard-hitting,  investigative reporter for Fox News ... Andrew ‘Mr. Propaganda’ May. You can catch ‘Prop’  this weekend with his first in a series of riveting reports ... “Will night-visi
on goggles help  me pick up hot chicks at the club”. Fascinating stuff ! His working on a sexy Geraldo  mustache ... although very irritated by all the pesky little nats.

Resembles a coonhound  that missed the last three sessions of flea powder. Yo ... ‘Rambo’! Is that you at 6-4. Well snap my suspenders ... it’s Forrest ‘Rambo’ Teer  bringing up the rear of the Teer boys ... and we all know how painful that can be. Hey, give  ‘Rambo’ a break. He’s been super busy managing his new-found wealth. Seems one of his  multi-gov checks was a piece of the infamous “Stimulus” ... ‘Rambo’ quickly invested in a  new venture and developed a new trucking line — Can-Tanker-Or-Us — hired six illegals  (that’s 72 lives touched in Stimulus lingo), one to steer; one to push the brakes and  accelator (that’s two jobs created in Stimulus lingo) and four to operate the Chinese-made  GPS Ships a cocktail mixture of prune juice, diet soda and energy drink to his gray-haired  cult following in FLA. Liquid gold baby!!! Barack-O is very proud! Bumper sticker reads “we don’t need no stinkin’ papers”!

Hey, don’t forget 6-4 ‘Experts’ Greg ‘Ninja’ Pirtle and ‘the Brain.’ Both last seen making a  play for Elin ... already the leading money winner on the PGA tour. Most of their shots end  up outside the ropes where she stands so I’m thinking it’s a possiblity.

Let’s meet the constestants for our 5-5 game show shall we! Making his ‘BTE’ debut is  Tank ‘Captain Comeback’ Gibson (obviously he could foresee mediocre picks from the  get-go), Clint ‘Big Mo’ Thornberry, George ‘the Legend’ Pirtle, and the behind-the-scenes  attorney in the Roger Clemens saga ... Kent ‘Muscles’ Boswell. The great advice just keeps  on coming, right ‘Muscles.’ Can you say soooooo-long Cooperstown! Better head back to cushy world of soccer ... no “goooooooaaaal” for the Rocket-Man. Yuck, what’s that foul smell ... kinda like molded oranges mixed with baby diapers. Oh,  it’s just our favorite little Dad trying to make his mark in Tennessee ... Shaun ‘Little T’  Townsend. Your 5-5 was truly insanity! Keep hanging with those Vols and your little  running buddie the ‘Karate Kid’ and we certainly won’t have to worry if a coveted ‘BTE’ t- shirt will “make your biceps look small”. Nice work for your opening week! Our last player needs no introduction ... just a few picking tips ... Ralph ‘D1’ Sharp of  Princton fame!

Week 3 is upon us ... hurry and get your picks inbefore the media rush over the ‘Dancing  With The Stars’ craze hits. We saw the list of participants last week, we’re just waiting for  the announcement of actual “Stars”.

Week 3 Picks
Louisville St. Xaiver @ Male
Bowling Green @ Owensboro
Ft. Campbell @ Paducah Tilgh.
Iowa @ Arizona Arkansas @ Georgia
Louisville @ Oregon State
Middle Tennessee @ Memphis
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee
Tampa Bay @ Carolina
Tiebreaker: New York Giants @ Indianapolis 

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