The alarm has sounded for the 2010 edition of Beat the Experts and answering the early-morning call is "BTE" regular Phil 'Hot Tub' Teer.

Closely paying attention to detail ... as he always does ... 'Hot Tub' only stubbed his toe on one pick (Union's win over Madisonville) to finish with a nifty 9-1 ticket.

Taking time off from his world travels, 'Hot Tub' "tossed down the gauntlet" to other would-be champs. He edged out Doug 'Double D' Dennis by just three points in the tie-breaker to claim the victory and his newly-designed sleeveless "BTE" T. Actually we ripped one sleeve while pulling it away from our pet bulldog "Precious' ... so we just matched up the other side ... giving 'Hot Tub' a semi-wife-beater look. Better double-up on your push-ups big boy!!!!

"Yeah, this game is just like any city I visit ... they all look the same. I just breeze in, collect my dough and hit the road," he said with a smirk. "Ya can't win anything laying up in that bed all day and I can guarantee my feet will be the first hitting the floor in the morning."

Well alrighty then ... big words from a guy who falls asleep before the fourth inning of a MLB game. Give him an energy drink and he can stay up well past 7 p.m.

Those players who obviously hit the "snooze button" and finished with 8-2 tickets were Aaron 'Mr. Admiral' Etherington, Greg 'Long Ball' Puckett, and David 'Miquel' Brown who's bypassing the 'smack talk' simply because it's hard to talk smack when everybody is walking way ahead of you! Hey, hey ... two more 8-2 players ... Kent 'Muscles' Boswell who has committed this season not to wear his whitie-tighties after Labor Day.

And the real Teer ... Forrest of 'Rambo' fame brings up the rear-end of the family this week. 'Rambo' usually starts out really hot and then fades quicker than a vacation tan. We're guessing that's his game-plan again this season.

Guest Expert Jacob 'the Gipper' Knight also finished 8-2 as did 'Experts' Mack 'the Knife' and 'the Brain'. Wow, watching those two battle it out again will be like tagging along with Joe Pa while grazing at the Ponderosa salad bar. Yo, Mr. Nittany Lion ... the lettuce is turning brown and the Thousand Island looks like motor oil ... pick up the pace a bit skippy.

Yikes ... speaking of picking up the pace ... the oatmeal must have been a little thin at the Pirtle Family compound last week. George 'the Legend' and sonny-boy Greg 'Ninja' both popped 7-3 muffins in the toaster!

Our favorite 'Expert' Connie '007' Etherington is still out there as strong as ever after kicking the crap out of the Big C! She's now livin' down by the river where she hauled in a 6-4 catch of fiddlers!

Okay kids, Week 2 is here and the slate is full of upsets. Get those picks in!
●WCHS @ Reidland Caldwell
●County @ Union County
●Somerset @ Danville
●Michigan @ Notre Dame
●Miami (Fla) @ Ohio State
●Oregon @ Tennessee
●Cincinnati @ New England
●Arizona @ St. Louis
●Dallas @ Washington
●Tiebreaker: Florida State @ Oklahoma your social media marketing partner

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Posted on 2/2/14
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