HOPKINS COUNTY, KY—With the economy tanking and unemployment on the rise, many people around our local region are looking for long-term financial stability.

With this in mind, Daymar College has set up a new campus location in Madisonville, KY in order to provide our community and region with fast-paced education courses that can lead to successful, lifelong careers.

Established in Owensboro, KY during 1996, Daymar College has grown to include 21 campuses in four states (Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee). Of their total facilities, Daymar College maintains 6 relatively smaller campuses, including the new Madisonville location, which offer regionally demanded courses, as well as personalized student-to-instructor support. Additionally, all Daymar College locations are nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which, among other things, allows them to offer helpful services like Financial Aide and a Relocated Worker’s Program.  

iSurf News recently met with both the Executive Director of Small Campus Operations, James Carver, and new Campus Director, Pat Vincent, to find out more on what the new Daymar College location will be offering to our region.

“We offer the students support that they may not get in a large class or a large campus,” said James. “You know, they’re adults, but they still need support. They need to know that somebody is here that can assist them with whatever struggles they’re having. That’s something that we are very proud to offer along with our courses.”

James and Pat also told iSurf News what courses they’ll be offering for their first fall term, as well as how their class scheduling differs from that of a traditional college.

Beginning on August 9th, the new Daymar College location, which is located at 1105 National Mine Dr. behind Parkway Pools, will be offering 4 main areas of education: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and two Medical Assistance options (Administrative and Clinical). From there, students can earn a 1-year Certificate, an 18-month Diploma, or a 2-year Associates Degree in their chosen fields. In the future, Pat and James explained that, depending on demand, there may be more options for completion, such as Bachelor Degree programs, as well as more offered areas of study.

Pat also explained that their class scheduling differs from a more traditional college’s setup in order to put students on a fast-track to success.

“We offer quarter terms instead of semesters,” said Pat. “You can get what you normally do from a full semester—August through December—in 3 months with us. So that’s definitely a big difference we offer to the community.”

Furthermore, Pat and James explained that a student is only required to enroll in 3 classes per quarter term to be considered fulltime. Each of the classes is 3 hours and 40 minutes long and will be held once weekly. As a result, students of Daymar College have the opportunity to complete their education much faster. As of right now, the new Daymar College location will be holding their classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout their quarter terms.

“With the economy as it is, we know we’re in a job market that needs trained people, and we’re offering subjects that are very critical,” said Pat. “We’ve got a well-rounded program that can expand and meet the opportunities that we need for our business community, as well as those looking for jobs.”

Pat and James also took the time to thank Madisonville resident and employee of Madisonville Supply, Rodney Coleman, for helping them to find their new location.

For more info on the new Daymar College campus in Madisonville, you can reach them by phone at (270) 643-0312 or you can visit them at 1105 National Mine Drive. Daymar College can also be found online at www.daymarcollege.edu. In addition, Daymar College will have an informational booth within the Ballard Convention Center during the Hopkins County Fair, which will be beginning tonight, July 27th. The college’s booth will also be offering prizes such as a 42” plasma-screen TV, so be sure to check them out.  

The Daymar College location in Madisonville will be holding an open-house in the near future, too. Look to iSurf News for times and dates of this event as they become available.

Luke Short
iSurf News

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Posted on 2/2/14
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