Now that the groups have had time to fully review and assess their reactions to the very realistic and training oriented drill, iSurf News thought it pertinent to speak with Sergeant Carter of the Madisonville Police Department to see how they performed overall.

“We had an ‘after action’ review the day after the drill,” said Sgt. Carter, “and most of the parties involved came to participate in the review. Overall, everything went as well as can be expected for something of that nature. Of course we went through the drill to make sure that we are being effective in our training, to make sure that if something like this were to happen we would be able to respond as best as we could.”

However, Sgt. Carter did mention one "hurdle" that those involved collectively faced during the drill.

“Communications seemed to be the biggest area we needed to improve upon,” stated Sgt. Carter, “and when I say communications, I’m not talking about face-to-face communications with people who are there, but what I mean is the communication between people over the radio, different people talking from different locations, and things of that nature. Everyone with the communications team is widely important. We’re talking about everyone involved here. With law enforcement, we have no problem no matter what agency you want to look at. We can talk; that’s not a problem. But when you begin to talk about those outside the department, and you start bringing in so many first responders, it can be difficult knowing where everyone is at or going to be. You know, that was the largest issue we had, though, and we have focused on improving in that area.”

“Overall, it went very well, though” said Sgt. Carter. “We’re very pleased with the way everything turned out and very pleased with participation. You know, we certainly hope that we only have to face things like that in a drill. However, if it were to transpire, we want to be prepared for it and that’s what the drill was all about.”

Luke Short
iSurf News

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Posted on 2/2/14
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