Beginning at around 5:30pm last night, August 27th, Lisa D. Piper, held one of her last book signings for the new novel at the Hopkins County/Madisonville Public Library. The novel’s cover photographer and iSurf Reporter, Amy Hourigan, as well as a direct, fully-dressed Scottish descendant of a factual character in the novel, A.D. Pollock, were both on the scene signing books and talking with the approximately 30 local residents in attendance as well. Local resident and Rockport native, George Boyd, attended the signing too, and explained to iSurf News that his father and grandfather both had direct ties to the long-gone mining town of Airdrie. In addition, several others in attendance also recalled memories of and ties to Airdrie, which helped in signifying just how connected our region is to centerpiece of Lisa’s novel. 

After signing several books and talking with locals, everyone was seated as Lisa began a presentation that spanned some of the history behind the failed mining operation Scottish-titled Lord Alexander started in 1855. As Lisa explained, the mining town once consisted of several homes, a mansion, and even a post office, yet was eventually abandoned because of continual failures with iron production. In addition, Lisa also displayed several pictures of the now decaying iron furnace/tower and three-story machinery house still standing at the Muhlenberg County location. A.D. Pollock also spoke to those in attendance, explaining that his great-grandfather, Archie Pollock—a Scottish miner and “jolly” pugilist who is a character in the novel—traveled by sea to Airdrie over the course of about 48 days due to troubling economic times in Scotland. 

iSurf News spoke with Lisa after the presentations to get her opinion on the book signing events.

“It’s been great,” said Lisa. “I love all the history lovers, and even though it’s in Muhlenberg County, there are people in Hopkins County that love Airdire. I would like to see more people get fascinated with it and find out the history. All of the people have been amazing to talk to, and not just talking to them about the book, but also to hear their stories about if they’ve been there or not. I’ve gotten so much information. I could probably write five more books just from what I’ve learned today.”

To order a copy of “A Mile Below Paradise: The Lost City of Airdrie,” or to check out some of the other novels Lisa has written, visit her official website at In addition, the novel is available at Readmore Bookstore in Madisonville’s Parkway Plaza Mall and through the Hopkins County Historical Society.

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Posted on 2/2/14
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