HOPKINS COUNTY, KY—With beautiful, “almost fall” weather looking to be a constant throughout the weekend, many local families and friends are sure to be outside celebrating the three day break. But with all the fun there is to be had, it’s important to keep safety in mind as well.

For adults, be responsible and careful with your drinking. Sure, not everyone includes alcohol in their celebrations, but many do. If you’re of the latter, just use the same common sense you’ve heard your whole life: don’t drive drunk. Get a designated driver or find a place to stay for the night. Also, always make sure to buckle up when traveling as there will surely be someone out there who doesn’t heed the law. In addition, law enforcement will be out in full force looking for lawbreakers, and if you’re caught without your seatbelt—or driving drunk for that matter—you might as well say goodbye to your six-pack fund, a relaxing three day weekend, and possibly your driver’s license.

Another popular way to celebrate the Labor Day weekend is to head out for some fun in the sun at our local lakes and parks. Though many of the same safety tips mentioned above apply to being out on the lakes or at other recreational areas, there are also a couple of different tips to keep in mind. For starters, wear your life jacket at all times while on water-bound vehicles. Yeah, you may be able to swim just fine, but there’s always a chance that other circumstances can hinder your abilities. Also, as the swimming season officially comes to a close in most areas on Labor Day, families and friends will surely be out swimming or sun bathing. If you choose to do so, make sure to apply generous amounts of an SPF rated sunscreen to avoid painful burns.

If you choose to grill-out—either on a boat, in a park, or at home—always make sure that you have your heat or flame under control. Starting a wild fire, house fire, or even a boat fire via your new and improved steak flipping technique is neither fun-inducing nor entertaining to your guests. Plus, you could end up spending your weekend laid up in a hospital bed rather than your own. Of course, it’s always important to make sure all meats are fresh, safely transported, and thoroughly cooked on the grill before eating.

Additionally, it’s always great to have a first-aid kit handy as well as a surplus of water and other hydrating fluids. Regardless of how nice it may feel out there, there’s always the potential to incur a heat-related illness, such as dehydration (alcohol and sugar-based drinks only make our bodies sweat worse).

Luke Short

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Posted on 2/2/14
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