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Other than being a great overall accomplishment for our community, one of the things that make the home so interesting is that it will be presented to the family of an Abnormal Vascular Malfunction (AVM) survivor. 

iSurf News paid a visit to the construction site on South Spring St. to find out more information on the home and, amazingly enough, found a Mr. Jeff Jones at work, cleaning up around the site.

“What’s so amazing about that?” you may ask.  Well, in his own words, he’s “lucky to be alive,” let alone talking, walking, and working on a construction site. 

As Jeff explained, he suffered the immobilizing symptoms of a rare medical condition called an Abnormal Vascular Malfunction (AVM) approximately 6 years ago.

“It usually only happens to people around 29 or 30 years years-old,” stated Jeff. “When it happens, a vein explodes in your brain, and that’s what happened to me. I woke up that morning, used the bathroom, and then I suddenly got an extremely painful headache out of nowhere. After about 30 minutes to an hour, the vein burst and, luckily, I was in the hospital within 20 minutes thanks to my wife and brother. I was 29 when it happened.”

As a result of the intense trauma, Jeff explained that he suffered a debilitating stroke that cost him and his family much of their financial stability.

Miraculously, though, Jeff started to get better after undergoing several rounds of intense physical therapy. Furthermore, Jeff also mentioned that he had lost his ability to speak, yet relearned his language skills through personal determination and practice.

Truth be told, you would never have any clue that Jeff had suffered such physical and mental extremes when meeting him today.

In fact, Jeff has been working on Habitat For Humanity houses without any problems for over 2 years now, including the recently constructed homes on Hall and Elm Streets in Madisonville. As mentioned earlier, he is also currently working on his own Habitat home and looks forward to moving in with his wife—Sheila—and children—Kaleb, 14, Josh, 11, Laura, 10, and Sam, 5—sometime before Christmas.  

“I saw an ad that said Habitat For Humanity was accepting applications, so I went to their office, spoke with Heath [Duncan], filled out my application, and paid the $10 fee,” said Jeff. “After they visited the house we’re living in now, they approved my application, and now I’m getting a great home for my family. I really want to give a big ‘thanks’ to Habitat For Humanity for all that they’ve done to help us.”

Jeff also took the time to thank other businesses and volunteers that had played a big part in helping to get the Habitat house ready: Rob Polk of Tom’s Tree Service and Brad Myers of Landmark Construction.

The home itself is nearly identical in both size and layout to one of the homes recently finished on Hall Street, said Jeff, and will include a storage shed in the backyard.
For more information on our local Hopkins County Habitat For Humanity Organization, visit their official website at http://www.hopkinscountyhabitat.org/index.html. In addition, you may pay them a visit in person at 43 South Daves St. in Madisonville or reach them by phone at (270) 825-1539.

Luke Short
iSurf News


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Posted on 2/2/14
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