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Rand Paul and Ed Whitfield Tour Stops in Madisonville

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY—Beginning at 3pm today, October 13th, both Congressman Ed Whitfield and US Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul spoke at The Country Cupboard restaurant in Madisonville, KY as part of their 8 day "bus tour.”

With approximately 50 people in attendance—including State Senate candidate Jack Whitfield Jr., 3rd District Magistrate candidate Chris Toney, County Attorney Todd P'Pool, and State Representative candidate Ben Waide—the event allowed local citizens and supporters to hear both incumbent Congressman Whitfield and US Senate candidate Rand Paul speak on what they feel are major topics facing our state and nation.

Whitfield’s speech focused primarily on the status of the current job market and economy in the nation.

“Even though President Obama says, ‘We’ve got to stimulate the economy and we’ve got to create jobs,’ the administration is adopting policies that are doing the exact opposite of what they are saying; they are creating obstacles to job creation," said Whitfield.

In regards to that sentiment, Whitfield stated that he saw the Health Care Bill as one of the main “obstacles" facing our economy today. As he noted, “2 out of 3 jobs are still created by small business people, and they don’t know precisely how this Health Care Bill is going to affect them.”

Additionally, Whitfield said that another key issue was that of an “unclear” tax policy. As he stated, “At the end of this year, taxes will go up for everyone in this room and everyone in the country if Congress doesn’t take some action.” In total, Whitfield said that the overall cost of the additional tax would be $3.8 trillion during 2011, which he explained wasn’t a good way to stimulate the economy, especially in small businesses.

Whitfield also mentioned a third economic “obstacle” linked to our local area: “This administration is out to destroy the coal industry.” Overall, Whitfield explained that several regulations and policies passed by the current administration, such as an attempt to put a tax on the burning of coal, not only hurt the coal mining industry, but will also result in higher electric rates.

“The railroads are moving more coal to the ports for export to China today than at any other time in the history of the country,” said Whitfield, “because the Chinese understand that the low cost of electricity makes them more competitive in the global market place.”

Following Congressman Whitfield, was Senate President, David Williams, who endorsed the overall Republican ticket and touched on the coal industry issue as well, stating that, “This administration will end coal as we know it…if they can’t do it with cap and trade, they’ll do it with the Environmental Protection Agency, and we cannot allow that to happen.” After Williams made several other points, including his opinion that Hopkins County and the western Kentucky region will play a major role in the elections, he introduced US Senate candidate, Rand Paul.

One of the first topics Paul discussed was that of his recent visit to the faith-based Western Kentucky Teen Challenge Center in Dixon, KY.

“The media has said that I didn’t care about drugs and that’s not true,” said Paul. “We always think there’s an easy government solution for everybody. We’ve had a war on drugs for four years and one of our biggest problems is still drugs. It doesn’t mean that there’s no role for government. I’ve never said that. What I’ve said, is that there’s not always an easy fix from the government. You know, can government fix someone’s spirit? Can government make us a better person? Government has to have laws to prevent us from hurting others, but in order to get beyond something like drug addiction, I think there needs to be a spiritual conversion. That’s something that your family, your community, or your church needs to get involved with, and it’s great to see that there are some private places to help in dealing with problems…there is still a role for the church and the family to fix things.”

Overall, Paul addressed the idea that retaining strong community support can help with issues, such as what he stated he considered to be “one of the biggest problems in the country—people who are having children and not getting married. But can the government fix that?” In addition, Paul stated that the number one reason for poverty is having children out of wedlock.

Paul also proceeded to mention the importance of communities such as ours in the upcoming election, stating that, “We have to win Congressman Whitfield’s district. If we lose his district, we cannot win. We cannot win without western Kentucky.”

Additionally, Paul touched on the issue of health care, specifically what he named as a “medi-scare” campaign aimed at himself, and stated to those in attendance that, “I’m not in favor of changing the deductible for anyone retired or currently approaching retirement age.”

Following the conclusion of Paul’s speech, those in attendance applauded the speakers for their visit and discussions.

For those wanting to know more about US Senate Candidate, Rand Paul, incumbent Congressman Whitfield, or the Hopkins County GOP, feel free to contact the Hopkins County GOP by phone at (270) 452-2682 or visit their official site at www.hopkinsgop.org

Luke Short
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