In addition, they also provide a smiling face and a helping hand for those on the right side of the law. With this in mind, iSurf News thought it important to present the reader with a small part of our appreciation for their services to our hometowns.

What follows is a tribute to many of those brave men and women who keep up the “good fight” in our backyards via some of their statistics and other related info from the month of September, 2010.

However, before beginning, it should be noted that the information below is only a small portion of what our law enforcement groups really provide to our region. Additionally, not every group can be represented due to the sheer amount of data collection it would require, yet the main point of what we do have available, is to say “Thank You” to everyone related to the law enforcement field for their protection, courage, and overall commitment to our towns, cities, and region.

Starting on the city level, the Madisonville Police Department (MPD) reports the following activity data for the month of September, 2010:


Felonies—37; Misdemeanors—233; Violations—236; Warnings—244; Parking-related—12

Traffic Related Events
Crashes Involving Property—88; Crashes Involving Injury—9; Crashes Involving Fatalities—0; Traffic Stops—612; Motorist Assists—136; Escorts—74; Complaints—1,652

There were 558 calls listed as “other” in the MPD files during September as well, bringing the total number of all events/incidents to 3,129. Additionally, the 43 members of the MPD worked a collective total of 6,371 hours during the month.

The incident totals above include a variety of charges as well, such as assault, wanton endangerment, disorderly conduct, theft, possession of  controlled substances (meth, medications, and others), EPO violations, fleeing and evading police, rape, an unlawful transaction with a minor, and a laundry list of other violations (non-payment of fines, burglary, contempt of court, etc.).

Serving all portions of our community, the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD) is another of our law enforcement groups that provides both great protection and service to our region. In total, the HCSD made approximately 46 arrests during the month of September, which included the top 2 Most Wanted Criminals on the Crime Stoppers list: Tiffany Dawn Mason (age 24, of Madisonville, KY—3 counts of Forgery in the 2nd Degree) and Ricky W. Holzhauser (age 51, of Madisonville, KY—Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree, Assault 4th Degree, Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree). The HCSD also arrested Noah Littlepage, 28, of Hanson, KY for several serious charges, including Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree, Unlawful Possession of a Meth Precursor, and Controlled Substance Endangerment to a Child 4th Degree. Though Parole and Probation Officers where first alerted to the existence of a “large scale meth operation” within the home while checking on the resident, who was currently housing 4 juveniles, it was members of the HCSD that made the arrest at the scene. In support of the DEA, the HCSD also participated in the National “Take Back” Day program alongside the Kentucky State Police (KSP), and helped to secure over 300 lbs. of unwanted prescription medication.

Several other offenses and arrests were made on behalf of the HCSD during September, including approximately 4 cases of assault in the 4th Degree, 2 cases of wanton endangerment, assault in the 3rd degree (directed toward an officer), EPO violations, 2 charges of possession of marijuana, criminal trespassing charges, and more.

Covering a larger area of western Kentucky is the Kentucky State Police Post 2. Though the services provided by the KSP post stretch into 6 counties beyond Hopkins County (Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Muhlenberg, Todd, and Webster), their work within our local area is both extensive and much appreciated.

For the month of September 2010, the KSP Post 2 reports the following activities in the seven counties they cover:
*Arrested 41 Impaired Drivers
*Issued a Total of 1,934 Citations
*Issued 894 Speeding Citations
*Issued 132 Seat Belt Citations
*Issued 21 Child Restraint Citations
*Issued 634 Courtesy Notices
*Investigated 85 Traffic Crashes
*Assisted 184 Stranded Motorists
*Responded to 995 Calls for Service
*Opened 76 Criminal Cases
*Made 182 Criminal Arrests
Also included in the month of September is the tremendous support the KSP Post 2 offered alongside other local law enforcement members and concerned citizens in the search for a missing teen from Earlington, KY named Jodi Powers, who has since been found by a local hunter. The investigation is still underway as of this posting and the KSP Post 2 are still involved with finding out exactly what happened to the girl.

As mentioned above, the KSP Post 2 also helped the DEA to secure 389 pounds of unwanted prescription medications during the organization’s National “Take Back” Initiative on September 28th, which is aimed at keeping harmful controlled substances out of  the reach of children and adults alike.

Through September 30, 2009, 30 people had been killed in 28 crashes in the Post 2 District as well, and as a deterrent, the KSP urges citizens to contribute to highway safety by reporting erratic drivers to the Kentucky State Police toll-free at 1-800-222-5555.  As they explain, callers will remain anonymous, yet are expected to give a description of the vehicle, location, direction of travel and license number if possible.
Throughout the month, troopers from the Madisonville Kentucky State Police Post conducted traffic safety checkpoints in the Post 2 District.  At these checkpoints, which are set up year-round, troopers will be targeting impaired drivers, checking for properly restrained adults and children and observing for any other violations. For traffic safety checkpoint locations in your area, you may refer to the web site:

In conclusion, all of our law enforcement groups should take pride in the service they provide our communities and towns—as should the citizens they serve. Though the stats and other reports listed above do give an idea of the danger our police officers can face every day on the job, the work they do “off paper” is just as important and sometimes more difficult to put into writing. From the dispatcher, the record keepers, detectives, to the patrolmen and women out in the streets, and beyond, our local law enforcement groups are there to keep an eye out for our safety and peace of mind. So the next time you walk down the street, drive down the road, or even relax in your home, remember that your comfort may not have been possible without the watchful eye of our local law enforcement.

iSurf News would also like to give a special thanks to all those involved with providing the information listed in this article, such as Sgt. Carter and Terry Jones of the Madisonville Police Department, Trooper Stu Recke and Jon Davis with the Kentucky State Police Post 2, as well as Sheila Hopper at the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department.

Luke Short
iSurf News


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