Occuring at approximately 1:30pm, the incident involved both Jeffery D. Smith, 29, and Shane L. Bedwell, 36.

According to Bedwell’s account of the incident, which is included in the HCSD’s report, Mr. Smith unlawfully entered the Bedwell residence and assaulted Mr. Bedwell with a knife. Once Smith had vacated the premises follwoing the altercation, Bedwell explained that his wife immediately notified the authorities.  When members of the HCSD arrived on the scene, Bedwell exhibited minor cuts on both his left arm and hand, yet as of this report, no knife has been found. On the contrary, Mr. Smith has since claimed that the cuts on Bedwell were merely a result of their scuffle within the residence.

As far as what may have caused the altercation, the HCSD’s Operational Deputy, Scotty Alexander, explained to iSurf News that, “Mr. Smith said that another party had told him that Mr. Bedwell was responsible for taking some of his property. As a result, Smith explained that had went to Bedwell to confront him about the property, and from there, they got into a fight.”

As a result of the incident, Jeffery D. Smith was arrested on one count of Burglary in the 1st Degree and was transported to the Hopkins County Jail. Interestingly enough, Alexander also explained that Smith was arrested within the Sheriff’s Department following the incident.

“Mr. Smith came to the Sheriff’s Department to make a complaint against Mr. Bedwell, and that’s when we picked him up,” said Alexander. “It wasn’t too hard to find him.”

iSurf News will bring the latest updates on the this case when, and if, they become available.

Luke Short
iSurf News
Information provided by the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department


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Posted on 2/2/14
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