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As Williams explained, the SMSP is currently in the 3rd Phase of a 5 part installment of gravity sewer systems on the south side of Madisonville.

“This is one of the largest gravity sewer projects that the City has endeavored to construct,” said Williams. “With 400,000 gallons of water flowing every day, the average flow comes to 900 gallons every minute. That’s almost twice what Hanson and Earlington use in sewage.” 

In total, Williams stated that the project will cover upgrades to approximately 2,300 acres, will replace 7 antiquated lift stations and 2 package treatment plants on the south end of Madisonville, and looks to serve over 1,000 homes once finalized. As of right now, 464 residences have been affected by the 3rd Phase gravity system installation.

“Most of these homes are discharging sewage into the old underground works, and this contributes to ground water contamination.  You end up with raw sewage in the ground water and the surface water,” stated Williams. “We’ve even found homes that run sewage straight out to the nearest ditch.”

With a generous donation of land from Bill Corum, lower cost materials purchased via the City of Madisonville, approximately $1.9 million in state funding, as well as Hopkins County and the City of Madisonville funds, Williams mentioned that several of the subprojects have come in under budget.

Though several “hurdles” have been faced during the 3rd phase of the project, including the difficult and sometimes impossible connection to basement and 2nd story systems without a pump, concealed mine shaft openings, and hefty rock deposits, Williams stated that construction of 3rd Phase mainlines should be completed during the latter half of January 2011. Following this time, the lines will be rigorously tested until they are approved for use, which is planned for the end of March or early April next year.

Additionally, Williams noted that the free-of-charge connection to a gravity-based mainline has been a welcome change for many Madisonville residents.

“The reception has been remarkable,” said Williams. “I know we’re tearing up a lot of people’s yards and some streets, but that’s just one of those things where you have to grin and bear it, but we’ve actually had more complaints about not being hooked up. Overall, the support we’ve gotten is amazing.”

Other than hearing from Williams, there were also several announcements made during the meeting, including the club’s need for volunteers to work their Salvation Army “bell-ringing” fundraiser this upcoming Saturday (Dec. 4th) at Madisonville’s Wal-Mart location, an upcoming Speech Contest, and a note that the Rotary Club will not be having their normal meeting next week.

Additionally, Rotary member and iSurf News’ VP of Marketing & Development, Marion Miller, announced that she is currently in the process of getting a care/entertainment package together for one of our servicemen stationed in Afghanistan—Matthew Moore (son of Bob and Judy Moore). As Miller explained, she is looking for DVDs and other similar forms of entertainment to send with the hopes of keeping Moore occupied during down time. If you would like to contribute, you may contact Marion by phone at (270) 339-4176 or you can simply drop off your donations at iSurf’s Madisonville office (across from Manufacturer’s Supply on Nebo Rd/41A).

For more information on Madisonville’s Rotary Club, such as how to volunteer or how to become a member, you can visit the club’s official site at http://www.madisonvillerotary.net/.

Luke Short
iSurf News

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Posted on 2/2/14
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