Coming together around 11am at Madisonville’s Jesse Stuart Elementary School, the nearly 50 person search group got the go ahead from the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department—which is currently leading the investigation on the case—and the Emergency Management Agency and left out around 3pm. As members of the team explained, their primary search area was a favorite fishing spot of Mr. Hale’s.

Though no information as to Mr. Hale’s whereabouts were found during today’s search, the group will be reconvening at Jesse Stuart around 8am this morning and are looking for additional volunteers (additional contact info will be listed at the bottom of this article). 

As Mr. Hale’s sister, Missy Oden, explained to iSurf News, “He likes to hunt and fish, and he might take off and say he’s going to be gone for a little while, but he’s never went this long without contacting his kids. His son has never gone more than a day or two without talking to him. It’s just very out of character for him.”

In addition, Oden mentioned that neither his cell phone nor his debit card have been used since his disappearance this past Monday.

Oden, as well as other members of the family and Search & Rescue team, also provided iSurf News with as much information on Rodney “Beau” Hale as they could, which is as follows:

Rodney “Beau” Hale is 42 years old, white, 5’ 9” in height, 155lbs, has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen at 3:30 pm on Monday, November 29th. Mr. Hale drives a black, extended cab 2001 Ford F-150 truck with a dent in the back tailgate. The truck is also equipped with a mounted, “diamond plated” chrome tool box with other construction materials/tools in the bed. The license plate on the vehicle reads 069-GKH. Items that Mr. Hale may have had in his possession near the time of his disappearance include a Verizon LG flip phone with a black cover, a black wallet, Grizzly Wintergreen dip cans, a small LED flashlight, a mining/fishing hat, black sunglasses, work jeans, and a work shirt.

The recently formed Jodi Powers Search & Rescue Technologies’ Co-Director, Joel Brinkley, provided some of the information above and also spoke with iSurf News on how the search went yesterday evening as well as what the group has planned for additional searches.

“The weather was really bad today, so we had to disband after about 2 hours,” said Brinkley. “We’re hoping to have more people helping to search today, but it really depends on the weather. However, if we don’t have satisfaction in finding him by Wednesday, we’re going to try and get a group of 150-200 people together for the following Saturday [December 11th] in order to search a wider area. Hopefully it won’t go on that long, but we’ll have people out searching every day until he’s found. We’re just trying to bring him home to give the family some closure.”

To find out additional information, to volunteer, or to become a member, contact the Jodi Powers Search & Rescue Technologies team via Joel Brinkley at (270) 621-0347 or Scott Heltsley at (270) 543-7522. You may also check out the following iSurf News link for more on the team: Jodi Powers Search & Rescue Technologies Team Now Official.

If you, or anyone you know, have any information regarding the whereabouts of Rodney “Beau” Hale, please contact the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department at (270) 825-7013. The HCSD is located across from Madisonville’s City Hall at 56 North Main St.

iSurf News will bring you more information on this situation as it becomes available.

Luke Short
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