lowell eatonOWENSBORO, Ky. (8/6/13) – Artists come in all shapes and sizes. There are painters and writers and even those categories break down into drawers and cartoonists; novelists and essayists. It all comes down to a creative streak; some are born with it, while others study to become an artist.
Some artists are talented enough to wear two hats.
Local artist, Lowell Wendell Eaton started as a cartoonist on his journey to become a novelist. Although, he loved to draw and cartoon, Eaton knew that he wouldn’t be successful in an area like Owensboro, so he decided to fulfill another dream of becoming a writer.
Eaton’s sister was one of the top writers in the modern romance field, selling more than 40 stories to publications across the country. Eaton knew that the subject was in-demand, so he knew the direction he had to go. The subject is pitched toward women who read romance novels, but Eaton keeps it light by making it “as funny as possible”.
“I was determined to at least sell one,” Eaton said.
Eaton’s books are what some call “erotic” fiction. The books portray rather “different” characters, Eaton said. The main character, Private Eye Mother has some major issues going on. Each book deals with subject matter such as homosexuality, exotic dancing, and extramarital affairs, wrapped into a crime story that takes place in Owensboro. As risqué as the material sounds, however, not many argue about the subject matter.
“I figured people would be shocked, but they weren’t,” Eaton said. “Anything goes in writing anymore.”
Eaton wanted to keep his stories set in Daviess County for a sense of familiarity. Two of his first stories published were called, “Muhlenburg County”, and “Riverbend”.
“I wanted it to take place in Owensboro, because I know the area…I’ve been here my whole life,” Eaton said. When he retired from his overhead door company in Owensboro, Eaton wanted to take writing more seriously, but it’s incredibly hard to get a book agent to jump-start the selling process, Eaton said.
“It’s all about who you know,” Eaton said. And in a small town like Owensboro, Eaton had to go a different route to get his name out to the public.
His novels, “What’s a Mother to Do?” and its sequel, “Motherlover”, are private-eye novels that are independently published by a publisher on demand called CreateSpace. This company is based from the retailer, Amazon.
“Everyone’s got a book in them, it’s just often too difficult to publish,” Eaton said. “But, now there are different ways to get published, making it easier.”
CreateSpace was virtually free for Eaton to publish his books and they were even sent to Amazon so people can purchase them. Eaton has also joined the Twitter-verse to promote his books, he also provides humorous one-liners. Eaton hopes all the different ways of self-promoting his series, makes sales take off.
“I hope it makes the books catch fire and take off,” Eaton said.
“What’s a Mother to Do?” is $11.99 on Amazon.com, and $2.99 on Kindle, and “Motherlover” is $6.29 on Amazon.com only. You can also pick up his books at the Daviess County Public Library.
Taylor Riley
SurfKY News
Photos provided by Taylor Riley

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