connie mcreynoldsHOPKINS COUNTY, KY (2/24/12) - If you don’t want to read a heartwarming story, do not read this story! A Western Kentucky Girl Scout Troop has won national recognition for a good deed. It is a good deed that is simple in theory, but big in the lives of the people touched.
These Girl Scouts were looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of others. If you are a young girl who can you serve the best? This small group decided to give 500 personalized greeting cards to people in nursing homes. The girls sat down and wrote a personal greeting in each card. Things like “I hope you are having a wonderful day”. The group then visited three nursing homes and delivered the cards. They sat down and visited with each nursing home resident.
“The response from the residents was overwhelmingly positive” explained Connie McReynolds. “Days later some residents still had their card up on the wall.” The girls were touched by the experience. “But, it was really a hard job delivering all 500 cards.”
McReynolds read about a program being put on by USA Today magazine. The magazine was looking for entries from groups that had done charitable deeds. The winning group would get $10,000 to give to the charity of their choice. “I decided to give it a try” McReynolds said. “I knew it would be a long shot.”
However in January, McReynolds received a call and informed her that the proposal had “moved up”. “They said our proposal was one of many nationwide. But, we had moved up and were still in the competition.”
Last Monday, McReynolds said she was in Wal-Mart when she got a call from “703” area code. “I didn’t know anyone from that area code and almost didn’t answer my phone. The caller told me that we had WON the competition. I screamed out right there in Wal-Mart and people were asking me if I was OK. ‘This is a happy scream’ I told them.”
“USA Today will pay for two people to travel to Washington D.C.; but, I want all the girls that were involved to go.” McReynolds said. “We will find a way for all to go. We will find a way for all eleven to travel to Washington D.C. on April 18th and 19th. I am not going to let little things like airfare and $300 per night hotel rooms keep all our girls from going” McReynolds said.

girl scouts front 

Connie McReynolds is the scout leader and she is also the Housing Manager for the Housing Authority in Madisonville, Kentucky.
All the girls involved (except two) live in the public housing that McReynolds manages. One of the other scout leaders put it in perspective “These girls may not have a lot of material things; but, they have a leader that gives them purpose and hope.”
McReynolds asked the girls what they wanted to do while in Washington. They answered “We want to see ‘Bo’ and Malia Ann and Sasha.” That may be more than even McReynolds can pull off. “It will be a great trip.” McReynolds said. “We have not decided which charity will get the $10,000. We are still working on that.”

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