madisonvillefire 300MADISONVILLE, KY (3/3/12)- During the devastation from the storm front  that moved through the Madisonville area on Friday, March, 2, the members of the Madisonville Fire Department spent the day aiding those in the center of the destruction.

At 2:30 PM the Fire Department received an alarm for electrical power lines arcing at the Hudson Chrysler and Toyota dealer at 1055 Crossing Place. When the unit arrived they found downed power lines running across Island Ford Road going from Ridgewood Terrace Nursing Home down to Hudson’s with several power poles snapped and laying on the ground. Fire crews set a safety parameter to prohibit anyone from crossing over the lines. Fire crews then assisted the Terrace Nursing Home personnel with moving patients to a safe zone. Crews remained until Kentucky Utilities moved the power lines. The area was deemed safe and crews moved back to the Fire Station.

At 2:45 PM the Department got a call for a downed electrical line at the intersection of Branch Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Upon arrival it was determined that the line was a cablevision cable. The crew determined that it was not charged before removing it from the street and returning back to the station.

At 2:47 PM the Madisonville Fire Department got a call by radio from the Madisonville Police Department to respond to Skateworld at 4696 Hanson Road to check for possible entrapment inside the structure after the roof had been taken off during the storm. When they arrived they discovered that the roof area had taken heavy damage during the storm. No vehicles were present and all doors were intact. A key holder was requested. Upon the key holder’s arrival it was determined that the building was empty before the units left the area.

At 2:40 PM a crew responded to the Ridgewood Subdivision to investigate storm damage. F-10 came upon a vehicle in a ditch on Carriage Lane with its occupants still in the vehicle. The unit then inquired if the occupants needed any assistance. The occupants stated that they had already called someone, and it was determined that the scene was safe. F-10 continued on their original call.

At 2:55 PM the F-10 found downed power lines at the intersection of Deep Creek and St. Malo. The area was blocked off and units set up a safe perimeter. The units stayed on scene until the Kentucky Utilities arrived to clean the area. Units continued to search the area for more damage.

At 2:48 Ladder-2 stopped to survey damage at the intersection of East Arch and Franklin Street. While there, units aided a Legate’s Mattress store employee in moving items away from a broken window that was smashed in when a sign was blown through by the storm. Firefighters also removed some debris from the sidewalk in front of the St. Vincent DePaul Store. The area was deemed safe before the crew returned to service.

At 3:00 PM the Department got a call from Central Dispatch to check out Madisonville North Hopkins School for damage due to severe weather. Upon arrival F-2 met with school officials who stated that the secondary roof and structure were damaged on the west side and the building was safe. The area was deemed safe and the unit left with the school officials remaining.

At 4:05 PM the Department got an alarm from Central Dispatch for a possible natural gas leak in the area of Lowe’s. Upon arrival the fire crew met with Atmos Energy personnel on scene. They stated that it was the relief valve and that everything was operating as normal. Crews deemed the area safe and returned to Island Ford Road.

At 4:08 PM a fire crew discovered an electrical line down at the intersection of North Franklin Street and Clinic Drive. Firefighters determined that the line was energized. The crew then requested that the Light Department respond and on their arrival the scene was turned over to them before the fire crew returned to the station.

At 7:42 PM the department received an alarm for a trash container on fire at the entrance of the Parkway Plaza Mall. Upon arrival the crews discovered the receptacle with smoldering trash. The crews extinguished the trash and returned to service.

At 9:22 PM the department got an alarm from Central Dispatch for a request for the Ambulance Service at 137 Fawcett. No ambulances were available for immediate response. Upon arrival the fire crew was met by the home owner needing assistance with an oxygen bottle. The patient at the location was out of power and needed assistance with a portable oxygen unit. The unit was put into service and the patient was instructed on how to change bottles. No further action was needed and the unit returned to the Fire Station.

At 10:20 PM the Department got a call for a tree on fire on a power line at 244 S. Seminary. Upon arriving Engine 15 found a small limb on fire lying across a power line. Madisonville Electric Department arrived and removed the limb. The fire crew remained until the situation was mitigated. The area was deemed safe and the crew returned to the station.

At 12:30 AM the Department received a fire alarm activation from Lowe’s. Upon arrival fire crews did a 360 and found nothing. A key holder was requested and responded. When the key holder arrived the alarm panel was checked and the detector on air handler one was reset. The area was deemed safe and no further action was taken.

At 1:51 AM the Department received an alarm from Central Dispatch for a fire alarm activation at Crothall Healthcare. Upon arrival crews did a 360 and a Key holder was requested to respond. Upon arrival the crew reset the alarm. The alarm was assumed to have been activated by the return of power to the structure. The area was deemed safe and no further action was taken.

At 2:01 another alarm activation at Lowe’s was sent to the department. It was determined that it was the same alarm as before. The alarm company was notified and the alarm was taken offline.

Dylan M. Graham
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