bs1 300MADISONVILLE, Ky. (3/11/13) – Mr. Campbell’s 8th grade Special Projects Team at Browning Springs, which is part of the Bear News Team, consists of; Kaylee Tow, Mallory Peyton, Irelane Enoch, Hunter Scott, Tanner Crick, Logan Hopper and Bart Robertson. These students have been working really hard to get ready for their schools 75th Anniversary.
The students were able to give SurfKY a tour and share some history of the building. Before the Glema Mahr was built, Browning Springs Auditorium was the only one in Hopkins County. Under the stage, those who came to perform on the stage signed their name, the year and the play they performed. There was unfortunate water damage and a lot of the signatures are gone, but the spirit of it is still very much alive. There was also what the students call “The Dungeon,” which is actually the old broiler room in the basement of the school. The kids teased how students would get locked in there if they didn’t do their school work.

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The students also showed SurfKY the old Natural Spring that is located in the front of the School yard. The Browning (or Woodson) Spring dates back to 1863, where travelers would stop with their wagons and buggies and use the water to drink and tighten their wooden spokes. When J. Craig Riddle purchased the land for the school board, he made it very clear in the deed that the spring could not be covered. Today there is a concrete wall that surrounds it and you can still see the water flowing from one end to the other.

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The students plan to present a slideshow of their school’s past to present day. They will first be presenting the slideshow to both the Lions Club and the Rotary Club in Madisonville. They also plan to invite and present this slideshow to the community, for those who attended Browning Springs Middle School.
Surfky would like to wish these bright and dedicated students the best of luck with their project.

Amber Mena
SurfKY News
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