hc joint planning 300MADISONVILLE, Ky. (5/14/13) – The Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission met to discuss and brainstorm the upcoming 2023 Comprehensive Plan.

Located on 10 South Main Street in the old courthouse here in Madisonville, the Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission is a 20 year vision plan that was established back in 1967 as a joint-governmental agency that works with its members on land use planning. Members of the commission include; Hopkins County, City of Madisonville, City of Earlington, City of Hanson, City of Dawson Springs, and the City of Mortons Gap.
This mission is to plan and prepare the future for our community. They help accommodate the present and anticipate any changes that happen along the way. They help maximize and minimize our community’s strengths and weaknesses. They respond to legislative charge, and secure a sense of community coordination. They also deal with a scarce resource; build a sense of community, along with providing public safety, health and welfare.
Tim Thomas, Chair of The Comprehensive Plan Committee stated, “Ted and I attended our conference this past week, a lot of good information was given, especially about the Comprehensive Plan. It was a great opportunity to sit and listen on what others are doing and what to work towards.
Hopefully we will be able to revise our Comprehensive Plan across our state. We want to look at setting up a potential committee and participates and we have categories that we are going to be looking at as far as different areas that we want to basically pin point. We try to update our plan every five years.”
According to the KRS Chapter 100.111, it states that planning operations should formulate plans for physical development and social and economic well-being of a planning unit. It also means proposals for means of implementing places are also formulated. On a local level, this is an organized way of being able to determine community needs and the ability to set goals and objectives to address those needs. This process helps our community move from today’s reality to tomorrow’s possibilities and bridges the gap from where we are to where we would like our future community to go.
Derek (Ted) Adkins, Director of the Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission, stated, “We want to do committees that will correspond with each element of the comp. plan. We have 8 elements that consist of; History, Environmental, Population, Economy/Employment, Housing, Community Facility, Transportation, and Land Use. We would like to have at least one commissioner on each to help facilitate that. We want to match community leaders with elements and then fill the rest of the committees with regular citizens.”
To be able to bridge this gap, the Comprehensive Plan-Roadmap is created for us to see how we would want our community to look like by using tools such as; local zoning ordinances and local subdivision regulations. These documents support the day-to-day activities, but also it is able to help guide the implementation of the plan.
Cynthia Young, Administrative Assistant of the Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission, stated, “There is another element we were discussing, a Community Renewal Element. I think we definitely need this in our community. Most of our communities need that renewal plan. We need to get some incentives to get people building back inside our city limits. This would have to be an element all in its own. This would include housing, business, and population renewal. But we need to work on our Goals and Objectives first and each element has its own goals and objectives as well.”
Janet Wyatt, Earlington Representative for the Comprehensive Planning Committee stated, “A good starting point would be our town meetings and if it only last 30 to 45 minutes, we can go in at the end of the meeting while everyone is still present and discuss this process. We have to have continuity with people so they can understand the whole process.”
The Comprehensive Plan plays a huge part in Hopkins County economic development and helps everyone to stay on track. The committee is looking for new people, alongside the current members with new ideas that can help with this plan. The committee also discussed how they would like to be able to reach out to our youth, to get them more involved and hear their ideas about what they would like to see so they will be more likely to stay in their community.
For more information about the Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission, or interested in being part of the Comprehensive Plan, you can call their offices at (270)825-4457 or you can email them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Amber Mena
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