sign landscape 300MADISONVILLE, Ky. (6/25/13) – On Tuesday morning, June 25, 2013, the Transportation Committee met to discuss what could become a major public safety issue.
About a month ago, a Hopkins County citizen needed emergency assistance. The citizen called 911 and the ambulance departed to her house. However, the ambulance was fifteen minutes later than it ordinarily would have arrived.
“It’s not because the ambulance crew was incompetent or anything like that, it was because the ambulance couldn’t properly identify the road the citizen lived on,” said 5th District Magistrate Shaun Roberts. “The person lived on a private road that was not properly identified in the county 911 system. Fortunately it was not a life threatening situation, but the problem still persists.”
The issue arises from the private roads not being adequately identifiable with in the county’s 911 system, causing Hopkins County citizens to not have an equal access to the fast and accurate 911 system.
“The installation of a road sign identifying the private road… our County Attorney stated that the Hopkins County Government can install a road sign identifying a private road if that sign is installed within existing county right-away on existing county road within the county system,” said Roberts.
If the private road and county road runs perpendicular, a sign can be installed identifying a private road within existing county right-away of an existing county road, then the county can pay for it.
“We can also put a sign up within state right-away as long as it meets the state specks,” expressed Roberts.
“There are 307 mapped private designations and out of those, 132 at two or more addressable structures that are located in that area,” said Kim Ezell. “Out of those, 67 were already named at some point in time. Out of those 67, we feel roughly 46 that we can take up quickly. Out of those 46, seventeen of those signs would be county road right-away. Twenty will be in the state right-away. Nine are actually adjoining another private road. So, we come to the conclusion to doing one sign out on the county right away and address all the properties there.”
This will be an extended project. However, it will better solve the public safety issue and provided better emergency services to the citizens of Hopkins County.
“Personally, I think public safety is a primary role of government,” expressed Roberts. “I think this is essential public safety issue that needed to be addressed.”
Amber Mena
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