zellich 300MADISONVILLE, Ky. (8/16/13) – New Superintendent Linda Zellich made her first official presentation about Hopkins County schools at the Lions Club.

“Hopkins County schools is big business,” said Zellich. “I think sometimes some people don’t think of it as big business because the heart of that business is our students and we are a service system.”

Zellich’s vision and goal is to create a culture of caring in the Hopkins County schools.

“This is where is begins… we have to have respect for one another, we have to develop a rapport with students and respect them and their families and from that we should be able to develop a relationship,” said Zellich. “If we are able to do these things… the achievements and school attendances, there’s nothing but pluses to gain from that.”

Zellich expressed that there is a lot that the students have to learn and the government controls that more and more every day. She also expressed that a lot of students aren’t getting the support system they need from home and a lot of students never find their gifts. She believes it’s important to watch those who don’t seem to be getting the encouragement they need because those individuals are increasing.

“We have to prove proficiency in that regard… we the school system focus on these things that the students aren’t doing real well in… and we try and make it better,” said Zellich. “You think of finding gifts in the students as the responsibility of the parents but now it’s a community responsibility. And I think that’s what we have to do… take the schools to the community.”

Zellich and the Board of Education are organizing their time to go and have town meetings where people from the community can come in and ask questions and voice concerns.

“We are going to be reaching out to the community a lot more, the community is the other part of the school system,” said Zellich. “If we can open ourselves up to these children and the community… there isn’t anything that’s going to keep the Hopkins County school system from being successful.”

Zellich also talked about how we need to encourage not only to see students graduate from high school but to encourage them to go on to get a college education. She believes it’s important for us to help prepare and support them when they do move on to college.

“If we can get the students to believe in themselves and the job that they are doing and build those relationships with those children, family members and the community… we will be able to expand our horizon,” said Zellich.

Zellich sat in on the economic development council here locally and said that it was a “mirror” of what it is happening on a state and national level, which isn’t very encouraging.

“So we are going to have to reinvent ourselves. We are going to have to think outside the box and think what can we do here in Hopkins County… what do we do well… what can we do to help these kids so they will have a place to come back too,” said Zellich.

Zellich also discussed how the central office was going to be more open about their budgets with the community and how administrators and teachers will be held more accountable with their students, parents and community by provided better customer service.

Amber Mena
SurfKY News
Photo Provided by Amber Mena

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