Mag vickie dickerson thomCandidate Vicki Dickerson ThomisonHOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (4/10/14) — Vicki Dickerson Thomison – Magisterial District 3 Democrat.

Rita Dukes Smith: What are your top priorities if you are re-elected/elected for the position of magistrate?

Vicki Dickerson Thomison: My priorities are simply stated. I strongly support the library with wise funding, continuing to look into more economic opportunities and promoting industry in Hopkins County, as well as finding new ways to supplement monies waning by the slowing of the coal industry. These things are of utmost importance to our county.

RDS: What are the primary issues facing your district; and, what can you do as a magistrate to deal with them?

VDT: Issues mentioned above are primary issues. This is a crucial time for Hopkins County and should be met with boldness and progressiveness.

RDS: Do you believe that county dollars and resources are being spent and used wisely?

VDT: I am not privy to all information but from what I know, I feel that county dollars have been used wisely.

RDS: What are the primary issues facing the county as a whole; and, what can you do as magistrate to deal with them?

VDT: We must make a wise decision about the proposed Sports Complex, using the most suitable property as well as solving north/south traffic issues. These decisions must be based on how they will positively affect the future.

RDS: What are your qualities or attributes that would benefit Hopkins County?

VDT: I was born in Hopkins County and have lived most of my life in District 3. I am honest and have a heartfelt love and interest for my home and the people of my district. I don’t mind to make unpopular decisions if I think they are the most productive decisions. Being a retired teacher, I work well in a team situation, which is what the fiscal court should be.

RDS: If elected/re-elected, on what does the county need to spend more money?

VDT: As a new magistrate, I would listen and learn, then break down the budget to be sure that money continues to be spent wisely.

RDS: If elected/re-elected, where would you like to make spending cuts?

VDT: Again, as a new magistrate, it would be presumptuous of me without more information to begin stating ideas on where to cut spending. As I study the budget, perhaps I would feel more comfortable answering.

RDS: How many hours per week will you dedicate to being a magistrate? What will you be doing during that time?

VDT: I would have no ‘set’ hours per week but would spend the time it takes, regardless of the amount, for the business at hand. I would maintain an open policy with all constituents.

RDS: Under what circumstances would you vote to increase tax rates?

VDT: No one likes to talk taxes, should this occur, I would have a open mind, weighing the benefits and listening to my constituents.

RDS: Why should voters vote for you instead of your opponent(s)?

VDT: Ultimately, the voters will make the choice but I have absolutely no agenda except to represent every voter of the Third District to the best of my ability. I will work hard and strive to be a visionary member of the fiscal court. I know there will be challenges and I look forward to facing them. Most importantly, I have a heart for your home as well as mine and a vested interest.

Rita Dukes Smith
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