pine2DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (7/21/14) ― Families with loved ones buried at Piney Grove Cemetery on Kentucky 672 in Caldwell County were surprised to learn that several graves had been vandalized.

“I found out through Facebook,” said Tiffany Sherman. “Then, I went straight out to the cemetery.”

Sherman said when she got to the cemetery, she noticed the front half had not been touched, but when she went to the back, where her family’s graves are located, there was a lot of damage.

“I heard that they were going to do some cleaning,” said Sherman. “But, when I went out there, they had pulled flowers, statues, dug up markers and there was tomb damage.”

Sherman believes certain plots were targeted.

“It was almost like the lower income was a target,” said Sherman. “Most of the damage came from the back of the cemetery. I am on a fixed income, I can’t afford to pay the extra for the upkeep, but my dad and I go out there and keep our family’s plots cleaned regularly.”

Sherman said her son, cousin and grandfather were buried there.

“When I got to my son’s plot, the angel I had put on his grave was battered,” said Sherman. “I mean half of it was missing. I was told, when I first bought the plot, that I was free to put what I wanted on his grave to help comfort me.”

A public “clean up” notice, was published in the Dawson Springs Progress Feb. 5 announcing there would be a spring cleanup on or around June 2 to provide proper maintenance. However, those families, who are not from the Dawson Springs area are upset because they didn’t see the notice.  

“All the stuff taken off the graves was thrown in a pile back behind the cemetery,” said Sherman. “That’s where the cemetery’s trash goes … into the cemetery dump site.”

Sherman said she wants justice for the victims.


“I just want peace and justice for these families,” said Sherman. “People can’t just get away with something like this. I know it was the caretaker’s job to do what he is told to do, but I also believe in a case like this, he could have said, ‘No.’”

Sherman said she also contacted the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office.

“When I contacted the Sheriff’s office, they told me that it was under investigation,” said Sherman. “They also told me that they had some leads as to who did it, but weren’t for sure and would continue to investigate.”

When SurfKY called the Caldwell County Sheriff’s office, the sheriff was not available at the time.

Attempts to reach members of the cemetery’s trustees were unsuccessful.

Amber Averitt
SurfKY Lead News Reporter

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