NORTONVILLE, Ky. (8/7/14) — Tragedy hit the South Hopkins Fire Department late last night, when a call was made that there was a fire taking place in their area Wednesday, Aug. 6.

“We were called to a fire in this area,” said assistant chief Blake Vaughn. “We didn’t realize it was our station until I got here.”

By the time Vaughn arrived on the scene, the department was engulfed in flames, losing everything.

“By the time I got here, it was too late, it was fully engulfed. I immediately called for help,” said Vaughn. “We lost everything. Our equipment, trucks… everything. We have a borrowed truck right now, but no gear to use with it.”

Vaughn said surrounding departments responded to his call for help.

“Six stations responded, White Plains, Mortons Gap, Nortonville, Anton, Grapevine and Earlington was on stand-by,” said Vaughn. “We also had departments on stand-by to take care of the county in case something else happened while this was going on.”

Vaughn said they will still be responding to any fires in the area, with the help of neighboring departments.

“The neighboring departments will be helping us cover our area,” said Vaughn. “We will still be responding. We got a truck, that was loaned to us from another department right now. We are also working on getting temporary equipment to use.”

Neighboring departments also have begun to offer help to get them back on their feet.

“We have already had other departments offering to help us out,” said Vaughn. “We will come together in a few hours and make a plan as far as getting temporary equipment and things like that.”

At the time, how the fire was started, is still unknown and is currently under investigation.

“We are expecting it to be investigated today,” said Vaughn. “The fire marshall is here and now we are waiting for ATF to arrive.”

Vaughn said this type of thing is unusual.

“This is just not something you see every day,” said Vaughn. “Very unusual for a fire department to be on fire.”

Amber Averitt
SurfKY Lead News Reporter
Photos by Amber Averitt

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