loganAnyah LoganMADISONVILLE, Ky. (8/14/14) — At just 11 years old, Anyah Logan is accomplishing more than most girls her age by starting her own business called 'Anyah’s Creative Colors.'

By using her artistic abilities in creating unique and one of a kind designs with tie-dye, Anyah is living her dream.

“My mom has always told me to have my own business,” said owner Anyah. “So, I prayed for ideas, and I walked passed a tie-dyed shirt and thought it would be pretty cool to make a business with that.”

Yvonne Logan, Anyah’s mother went down to city hall to start the business license process.

“All I did was go down to city hall, and let them know that my daughter wanted to start her own business,” said Yvonne. “They were taken aback, when I told them how old she was; they said they have never had anyone to come through at that age to apply for a business license.”

Yvonne said that phone calls were made to see what they needed to do in order to get the license.

“They made some calls at first to see if Anyah needed a license because of her age,” said Yvonne. “We found out she did. It was a very simple and smooth process. I basically went in, spoke to a representative, filled out an application and submitted a payment for the year. And, then I received the license right there on the spot.”

Anyah works mostly from home.

“I do most of my work outside in the back,” said Anyah. “I do everything by hand with a squirt bottle. So, everything comes out different.”

Anyah said since she moved to Madisonville in May of this year, she has been steadily making T-shirts.

“I made a few shirts before we moved here,” said Anyah. “I also make banners, skirts and soon to come, bed sheets. I even work with the schools and use their school colors.”

Anyah said her father spends a lot of time on the road and hopes that this business will pick-up, so he can be home with the family more often.

“I started this because my dad is always at work and I wanted him to come home, so we can all be together,” said Anyah. “He’s told me, when my business got successful, he wanted me to hire him, so we can start a family business.”

Anyah encourages people her age to use their abilities to start their own business.

“If they want to start their own business, they should do something fun or with something they like,” said Anyah. “Even if they are talented at something, they should ask their parents to help make a business, so they can make their own profit.”

To place orders, call (270) 245-5078 or visit,https://www.facebook.com/AnyahsCreativeColors.

Amber Averitt
SurfKY Lead News Reporter
Photo by Amber Averitt

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