letter editor1 300MADISONVILLE, Ky. (8/21/14) — I'm a member of the Citizens Police Academy and recently got to ride with the Madisonville Police Department, the Sheriff's Office and the Kentucky State Police.

On Aug. 8, I got to ride with a police officer of the MPD from 6:30 p.m. until midnight. The officer had 10 years in.

I would like to thank the ladies that told us about this person: We had stopped for gas, so, we left the gas station and saw the person in the truck, so we stopped him. The person had been drinking. So, while the officer was checking this person, a police officer showed up with a dog that checked the truck inside and out. It was great to see the dog work first hand. We took this person to jail.

I would like to thank Chief Wade Williams for letting me ride with this police officer.

On Aug. 15, at 8 a.m., I arrived at the Sheriff's Office to start my ride-along with an officer. He was working an accident. Then, he came and picked me up. We left to go to White Plains. There was a big truck that was hauling a big drill going to the landfill.

With the help of the city workers of White Plains and a large end loader, we got the big truck on his way. Then, the officer and I went to serve papers on people.

I would like to thank the Sheriff's Office for letting me ride.

Remember these men and women put on a uniform, and they are there if we need them whether it is in the city or county.

The county covers about 552 square miles, the State Police Post 2 covers seven counties. I hope to get to do a ride along with the State Police again soon.

Again, to the men and women of the Madisonville Police Department, the Sheriff's Office and the Kentucky State Police, bless each one of you and the job that you do each day and night.

Scott Rogers
Citizens Police Academy

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