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The Dailey Dose: The Hunt is Over, a Kentucky Love Story

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (9/25/13)—They say when you find ‘the one’ you will know. For Hannah Garrett, soon to be McCarty, she believes that is the nothing but the truth. Hannah and her fiancé Andy were high school sweethearts. When she was a sophomore in high school and he was a freshman a mutual friend introduced them and everything fell into place.

“It’s like you spend your whole life hoping to find someone to spend the rest of your life with,” said Garrett. “Someone who makes you feel wanted, beautiful, someone to be silly with, someone you can count on no matter the situation, someone who keeps you laughing, someone who can support you, someone you want to be around all the time, and so much more. It’s so awesome to love but to be loved back in return is a feeling I’ll never be able to describe. When all these things match up perfectly…that’s when I would say ‘the hunt is over.’”

After being together six years, McCarty popped the question in November at Garrett’s parents’ house. As she was getting ready for an all day shopping trip he had planned, he made his move.

“I was getting ready and putting my jewelry on with my back towards him and in the meantime he got down on one knee pulled the ring out,” said Garrett. “He then said ‘this would look better on you.’ Of course I said yes!”

Many girls growing up have a picture of their ‘dream wedding.’ After getting engaged, Garrett and McCarty set the date of their wedding to October 4, 2013…not even a year from the day she said ‘yes.’

“I’ve been freaking out the whole time thinking everything will not be done or be in on time for the things that we ordered,” said Garrett. “I always knew I wanted an outside wedding someday, however the ideas I had when I was little seemed a lot easier than they do now.”

Other than putting everything together, the days leading up to her wedding have been nothing but perfect. I know future brides that have spent half their time trying to find the ‘perfect’ wedding dress. However, just like the couple’s relationship, it was love at first sight.

“My. Dream. Dress. I had all intentions joking around saying I was buying the first one I tried on…and sure enough that totally happened,” said Garrett. “It was definitely a perfect sign. It literally matches up to everything I could’ve ever hoped for in my wedding dress…and an awesome price. So that was a huge plus.”

Coming from a small country town, Garrett and McCarty’s wedding couldn’t fit them more perfectly. In their engagement pictures she wore her boots and he wore his favorite camo.

“It was so much fun and country like our theme of the wedding,” she said. “This man is my best friend. He keeps me sane and gives me the world. I’d literally fall apart without him. He knows me better than I know myself.”

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Almost a week away from their wedding she has realized that the whole wedding planning process wasn’t as easy as she imagined it being. If she could go back she admitted she probably would’ve started doing things a little sooner.

“I had it all planned out in time it was just actually getting it done that I could’ve used help on. I had to leave out a few small details simply because I do not have enough time to do them,” she said.

Having ‘cold feet’ is common as the days get closer to the wedding day, but not for this pair. Since they have not only been best friends for six years but soulmates too, their feet are nothing but warm.

“I’m excited to see what the future holds. One week left. I’m so ready! “ Garrett said. “I am mostly nervous that the wedding will go smoothly but in the end that shouldn’t even matter. All that will matter is that I’m married to my best friend. I’m feeling anxious, excited, nervous and stressed all at the same time.”

With just nine days left of being a ‘Garrett,’ Hannah has no doubt that her journey with McCarty will be nothing less than exciting and loving. She believes that God has given her him for the ‘ups and down and the days of doubt,’ and she couldn’t be more happy to become a McCarty next weekend.

“We have each other figured out and it works for us. We could not be more happy, the only thing to change will be my last name,” she said.

Bonnie Dailey
SurfKY News
Pictures provided by Kasey Moore Photography

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