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Paducah City Commission Highlights – June 11, 2013

paducah city commission2 300PADUCAH, Ky. (6/12/13) – The following are the highlights of Paducah City Commission meeting held on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.
LowerTown Art and Music Festival Co-Directors Michael and Victoria Terra provided the Mayor and Commissioners an overview of the success of this year’s festival held May 19-21. Michael Terra says, “This has been a pivotal year for the festival. The entire city stepped in, an incredible amount of participation.” Terra says approximately 200 people volunteered at the festival that had an attendance of about 16,000. They also thanked the City for its support, infrastructure, and technical assistance. Mayor Gayle Kaler says, “It takes people who are really stakeholders to make a festival successful. The festival is another layer of fun and culture we have in Paducah.”
LowerTown Artists Freda Fairchild, a printmaker, and Paul Lorenz, an abstract artist, recently visited Innsbruck, Austria as part of an artist-in-residence cultural exchange. They made a presentation to the Mayor and Commissioners about their trip and about the Paducah Arts Alliance (PAA). Fairchild and Lorenz in addition to ceramist John Hasegawa, ceramist/fiber artist Lily Liu, 2D multimedia artist Teri Moore (all of Paducah) and May Wong of Florida were invited to exhibit their work at the Imperial Palace at Innsbruck, Austria. As part of the program, the Paducah artists were required to conduct 20 hours of workshops for students at various schools in Innsbruck. Lorenz says, “Through cultural exchange, we break down stereotypes and learn about each other.” Lorenz also says that Paducah is a very interesting city to artists in other countries. Lorenz says, “This is a very exotic place to foreign artists. There is a mystery about the heartland.” Paducah’s cultural connection and exchange with Innsbruck is a result of Paducah’s Artist-in-Residence Program. Paul Lorenz met Elisabeth Melkonyan, fiber artist and curator at the Imperial Palace, at an international art event in Innsbruck in 2010 where Lorenz was exhibiting. Their meeting resulted in Melkonyan’s participation in Paducah Arts Alliance’s artist-in-residence program in 2011. Melkonyan was enthralled with Paducah during her residency and coordinated the artist exchange. Mayor Kaler praised the work of PAA and other art agencies. Mayor Kaler says, “It takes all the different layers to continue the arts program we started years ago in Paducah.”
Approval of Construction Line of Credit for Residential Structures for Artists and Residents
The Mayor and Commissioners approved a municipal order to utilize an existing line of credit with Banterra Bank for the construction of residential structures for artists and residents in LowerTown. In November 2012, the City approved a contract with Banterra Bank for a construction line of credit not to exceed $900,000. The Planning Department is proposing to utilize the line of credit to construct the first cottage at 717 Harrison Street. With the approval of this municipal order, staff will now solicit bids for the construction of the cottage. When the cottage is sold, the owner will pay back the borrowed money plus interest. The City will have limited liability since the applicant for the cottage will be required to secure financing from a qualified financial institution.
The Mayor and Commissioners approved an ordinance accepting the $250,000 Community Development Block Grant award on behalf of Four Rivers Behavioral Health for the CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men. The funds would be used for salaries, and a $12,500 administration fee will be paid to the City for maintaining and monitoring the funding. The grant does not require a local match. CenterPoint is a recovery center located on County Park Road for men who are recovering from substance abuse. Four Rivers Chief Operating Officer Patty Hughes says CenterPoint’s staff of 19 employees provided services for 235 men last year. The facility has a high success rate with 75% of the men reporting abstinence from drugs and alcohol one year after completing the program.
The Mayor and Commissioners introduced an ordinance for the Fiscal Year 2014 City Budget. The City’s fiscal year begins July 1. A budget workshop was held May 28. The majority of the City’s budget is in the general fund, the City’s main operating fund. The general fund is $31.2 million. The four main sources of revenue for the General Fund are payroll tax, insurance premium tax, business license tax, and property tax. Mayor Kaler says, “The majority goes to our personnel, the boots on the ground, who keep our city safe and keep us moving.” The City operates its finances through several funds including the general fund, investment fund, police and fire pension fund, solid waste fund, fleet lease trust fund, and health insurance trust fund. Each department prepared their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year using prior year’s allocations; however, that proved to be increasingly challenging due to increasing costs outpacing the growth in revenue.
One of Paducah Renaissance Alliance’s (PRA) goals has been to restore the historic Columbia Theatre on Broadway. The City of Paducah has owned the Columbia Theatre for nearly 10 years. Mayor Kaler says, “It was gifted to us, and we have a responsibility for it.” The theatre was built in 1927. Currently, the City is working to restore the marquee lighting and the front entrance doors. Plus, a preliminary environmental assessment has been completed. PRA Board Member Randy Davis outlined all the work that has been donated by various community partners including Ray Black & Son and Crown Electric. He says that Columbia Club, the 501(c)(3) associated with PRA, is working to develop a mission statement, a frequently asked questions document, and a website in addition to updating the Columbia Theatre’s Facebook page. The next step is to develop a concept study that would include drawings of the existing facility, workshops with potential users and stakeholders to determine the intended uses for the theatre, the development of programs and planning concepts for the potential future uses of the facility along with cost estimates. The Mayor and Commissioners introduced an ordinance to engage Westlake, Reed, and Leskosky of Cleveland, Ohio to complete the concept study for the Columbia and allocate $33,000 for the plan and reimbursable expenses.
The Mayor and Commissioners introduced an ordinance for a contract in the amount of $24,800 with artist Herb Roe associated with Robert Dafford Murals for maintenance on the floodwall murals. A local artist, Teresa Perry, has assisted Herb Roe for 8 years on 25 murals in Paducah. Perry has proposed maintenance work at a lower rate. Ro Morse who has served on the mural advisory committee and Parks Services Director Mark Thompson both spoke with Robert Dafford who says that Herb Roe is the artist that he authorizes to perform the maintenance work on the murals. The murals are copyrighted as Robert Dafford murals. The Mayor and Commissioners along with Ro Morse agree that talking with Roe and Dafford about a long-term plan to train someone locally to perform the maintenance work is something that should be pursued.
Quick Highlights
• Boards and Commissions: Joseph Benberry and David Morrison, Jr. appointed to the Paducah Planning Commission; Rosa Scott, Phyllis Clymer, J. Wayne Armbruster, and Gail Ransler reappointed to the Civic Beautification Board; Rita McKeel, Karen Paxton, Michele Chase, and Candice Griffin appointed to the Civic Beautification Board.
• Municipal order approved to apply for a grant in the amount of $25,000 through the Federal Department of Homeland Security Port Security Grant Program. If awarded the funds would be used to purchase cameras that to provide video surveillance of the new boat launch facility under construction off Burnett Street. No local match is required.
• Municipal order approved to apply for a Justice Assistance Grant in the amount of $13,382 for the Paducah Police Department. If awarded, the funds would be used to purchase equipment. No local match is required.
• Ordinance approved accepting the proposal of Kemper CPA Group, LLP for the preparation of the City’s financial audits for the next four fiscal years for a total fee not to exceed $204,000.
• Ordinance introduced (vote June 25) to accept a grant award in the amount of $40,500 from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Highway Safety. The funds will be used by the Paducah Police Department for traffic enforcement activities.
• Ordinance introduced (vote June 25) to accept the $134,750 bid from Jim Steele Construction for the construction of a home at 1330 Madison Street. This will be the fourth home to be built in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood as part of the 2012 Kentucky Housing Commission HOME grant. Grant funds have been allocated for seven homes.
• City Manager Jeff Pederson explained that a 100 foot section of the new concrete greenway trail is temporarily closed due to the construction of the new boat launch facility at the end of Burnett Street. The closure may last until the end of September.
• The Mayor and Commissioners along with City directors will hold a Next Steps Workshop tomorrow with the National Research Center to analyze the results of the National Citizen Survey.

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