bibleOWENSBORO, KY (11/14/11) - Although the churches in the Owensboro area strive to work together, sometimes, issues of doctrine can create a situation that congregations cannot ignore.

Such was the situation in Island, KY on October 17-18, as members of the Daviess-Mclean Baptist Association’s credentials committee recommended to the board to deny the membership application of Pleasant Valley Community Church. Following the committee’s report, the association voted 104-9 to deny the application based on a claim that PVCC’s confessional statement was one that was “to Calvinistic in nature.” It also affirmed the doctrine of election and grace, according to a statement given by the committee.

SURFKY NEWS contacted Pastor Jamus Edwards of PVCC to get his take on the situation. Pastor Edwards responded that he had been counseled not to grant any more interviews to the media. However, PVCC’s website hosts a page entitled “DMBA” response. In this open letter of response, the pastor and elders of PVCC state, “We truly love the brothers and sisters of the DMBA and are thankful for their commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We rejoice in the Gospel work that Kentucky Baptist churches are doing not only in the DMBA, but across the state. It is for this reason that Pleasant Valley Community Church (PVCC) unapologetically partners with the SBC and KBC, and it is for this reason that we attempted to seek membership with the DMBA.” The statement goes on to state of the DMBA, “We are not on different teams; we are all on the same team, and we are seeking to lift up the name of the same Jesus, the one and only Savior of the world.”

As can be seen within this statement, PVCC already partners with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. So why would a local Baptist Association deny membership to a church that is already associated with its state and national counterparts? Could there be something more personal involved here?

The question must be raised now that if PVCC holds such a stance as to say “We are all on the same team” why would the DMBA not see things in the same light? SURFKY news spoke to different pastors through Owensboro, both within the DMBA and outside of it who speak of the politics involved not only in the Daviess-Mclean Baptist Association, but within churches everywhere.

A call to the Daviess-Mclean Baptist Association was not answered as the association’s Director of Mission, Jerry Tooley, was unavailable to comment on the situation.

Alex Reid
SurfKY News

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