diner 300MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (12/24/12) – While you enjoy the holidays, you may feel too busy to log on to the internet. But for thousands of current and former Muhlenberg County citizens, or anyone who loves tracking the county's rich history, it's a great time to log on to a popular Facebook page called "You Know You are From Muhlenberg County If.."
Almost 5000 people have already joined the site, since it was launched in 2010 by former Muhlenberg resident, Susan Baker Gough.
Gough is the daughter of Orville and Margauerite Baker, and now lives just outside Russellville. She says the inspiration to start the page came to her by chance.
"My husband, Michael, joined a similar site for Russellville residents, so I thought we should have one for Muhlenberg County. I love the fact you can catch up with people you know... like 'Hey, remember that teacher who whipped you in third grade" she laughed.
muhl 200Gough added that it's just a great way to look at the wonderful history of the county. "It's also a great way to renew old friendships, and make new friends who keep me updated on what's going on at home," she said.
On the site you'll find pictures posted from just about every family album and scrapbook users could find, and high school yearbook shots from pre-consolation school days. There are rare photographs of late 1800 coal mines and turn of the century steam engines, soldiers from World War II to active duty locals and the story in pictures of the tragic 1968 Peabody Coal Company River Queen mine explosion that claimed nine lives.
Relive Christmas Parades from forty years ago, when county bands marched past Central City's J.C. Penney store and the State Theatre, both destroyed by fire in the 1960s.
Never saw the Lake Malone area, before there was a lake there? It's on there.
man 200Take a long ago look at Greenville's E.A. Cohen's Hardware Store, Courthouse square surrounded by cars from the fifties, and the town's Palace theater, now home to live stage productions.
Danny Rich, a lifelong resident of Central City and son of the late Raymond and Rose Rich, who were part owners of the Rambler Rose Motel and Royal Palm restaurant in the sixties, recalled that "the 181 bypass was once a fairgrounds, and before that even a stock car, and harness track! "
Rich joked that "in those days we learned to drive on the coal haul roads, and learned to swim in the mine pits."
Gough continues, "I never thought the site would grow as fast as it has. I just love Muhlenberg County and I still post on the site almost daily, adding "I only had a problem with one person since I started the page and I didn't put up with him long."
Paul McRee
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