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HENDERSON Ky. (7/1/16) — Healing Reins Therapeutic, a therapeutic equine assisted therapy program in Henderson County, received a $5,756 check from the Henderson Audubon Board of Realtors this week.

The Board of Realtors hosted a “Run for the Roses” race to benefit the therapeutic riding program housed in Corydon that provides horseback riding lessons for individuals with a disability.

According to the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, therapeutic riding contributes positively to the “cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals with special needs”. Often riders with physical disabilities show improvement in flexibility, balance and muscle strength.

Stacy Denton said she was thankful to receive the check from the Board of Realtors because Healing Reins is an amazing cause.

“This will really help us get established in the community and hire the instructors to provide lessons that we are so excited to start providing,” Denton said. “Just to really get our foothold in the Henderson community as a reputable, nonprofit therapy center for people with any type of special needs. I think that being on a farm and being around horses will assist them to reach their full potential.”

Also, Denton announced that an anonymous donor provided scholarship for six months of riding lessons to support a current rider at Healing Reins. To her complete surprise, Susan Nance won the scholarship.

“Susan is a big inspiration to all of us, to say the least,” Denton said. “She is completely blind and has been riding with me at Blue Moon Stables for a couple of years. She is so deserving of this. She, herself, before she lost her sight, was a therapy riding instructor and helped with the therapy center.”

With much emotion, Nance said she was grateful to receive the scholarship, but couldn’t believe she was chosen to receive it.

“I’m just flabbergasted,” Nance said. “I know that there is some little child that should have this and not me.”

Nance lost her sight in her 40’s after realizing she had an inherited eye condition. Nantz said she thought she would retain some sight, but by 1996, she was completely blind.

Nance said after losing her sight, her whole world was “flipped”.

“I miss the freedom of movement, is what I miss being blind, a lot,” Nance said. “(Riding horses) means so much to me to continue because it was a big part of my life when I was sighted, and I just wanted to keep doing something. Just because I’m blind, I’m not going to quit. It’s been hard because most people think I am crazy. But I ride in a very safe environment.”

Denton said she was honored to give Nance the scholarship, as it has been difficult for Nantz as a blind woman to find a job in Henderson.

“Susan, being blind, and not able in Henderson to find a job that is suitable for a blind adult woman,” Denton said. “She has been living on very scant means, for a long time. She is bound and determined to make it to her riding lesson every week, though. She puts money aside for that, out of what little she gets.”

While Dention was talking about Nance, she said it was emotional for her even though she said she wasn’t a “crier”.

“I am not a crier,” Denton said. “I was very, very excited to award her that. She is so deserving of this. She’s had a tough go of it since she lost her eyesight, and this is something, hopefully, will help her feel like she’s still doing the right thing. “

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To learn more about Healing Reins at Blue Moon Stables, visit healingreinsky.org.

Brittany Ross
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Photos courtesy Healing Reins

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