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FRANKFORT, Ky. (2/7/19) —A resolution that calls on the federal government to expedite research on the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana is on its way to full House for a vote.
House Concurrent Resolution 5, sponsored by Rep. Danny Bentley, R-Russell, and House Health and Family Services Committee Chair Rep. Kimberly Poore Moser, R-Taylor Mill, calls on federal regulators to move forward with research into the benefits and risks of the drug “so that, as policymakers, the General Assembly may develop evidence-based and scientifically sound medical marijuana policies.”
According to the resolution, marijuana “impairs short-term memory and judgement.” The resolution also cites evidence that suggests “the risks of marijuana use include poorer educational performance, adverse consequences in the workplace” and other conditions.
Bentley, who has been a practicing pharmacist for more than four decades, told the committee that HCR 5 is a call for safe medication management.
“As an advanced society, we must be have well-considered laws and regulations to move forward,” said Bentley. Evidence-based science, he said, is “the only safe and effective and responsible way forward.”
Thirty one states have legalized medical marijuana in some form, according to the resolution.
Should HCR 5 become law, it will be forwarded to the Federal Drug Administration, National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Drug Enforcement Administration for consideration. 

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