ronsandersKENTUCKY (11/6/19) — It’s the “morning after” and Kentucky candidates and their teams are waking up to the reality of their efforts over the past two or more years. All Kentuckians should be thankful to all candidates for their effort and very hard work. Regardless of the final vote tally, each candidate had an impact on the people of Kentucky and gave the people a choice.

The sad part is that most Kentuckians didn’t vote. Either they aren’t registered to vote or didn’t feel that they had anything to vote FOR. Generally, a voter uses a process of elimination to choose for whom they vote unless they have a specific or personal relationship with a candidate.

On Election Day, the voter must have some reason to go out with the understanding that they are voting for something or sending a message. When a voter doesn’t have anything to vote for and doesn’t think anyone is listening, they stay at home on Election Day.

Multi-million-dollar ad campaigns and shady advocacy groups mount huge negative campaigns to keep their opposing supporters home. Both sides do it and it suppresses the voter turnout.

KET’s coverage of the election was revealing in ways they certainly had not intended. KET is to be commended for its excellent format for candidate debates and informing the public in a non-partisan manner. In the media world, KET is a rare commodity.

Guest commentators on KET really missed the big story. The candidate for governor establishes the standard and the other candidates follow on “his coattails.” This did not happen. Every other race was won by the Republican candidate, but the governor lost.

Bevin’s wounds were self-inflicted. He gave the liberal media in Lexington and Louisville lots of goofy statements. He chose to take the “Trump-style” in your face confrontation with the media. And, he characterized all teachers with the KEA radicals.

The message voters sent (after the governor’s race) was that Kentucky voters are rejecting the direction of the Democratic party on a national level. Kentuckians are a pretty conservative and reject the hard-left turn of the national Democrats.

The message to the major media in Kentucky is that “you are out of step with your readers/listeners” and therefore “you lack credibility.” Like major media nationally, journalism is dead in Kentucky. You cannot trust that you are getting the whole story. Media only publish the points that fit their narrative. That is not journalism.

KET commentators also demonstrated a lack of decorum in the political debate. The commentators should have offered constructive, reflective thought in their analysis, and most did. However, some commentators tried to engage in political debate by talking over and interrupting other commentators that had different views. This behavior is a characteristic of a closed-minded person who is not open to other ideas.

It will be interesting to see what happens to KEA going forward. Will the KEA leadership continue as an advocate and partner with the Democratic party or will they seek a more pragmatic, middle of the political road approach and patch their differences with Republicans in the Kentucky House and Senate?

Likewise, will Andy Beshear continue his liberal advocacy, or will he decide a moderate pathway will be more successful? Hopefully, he will have a more supportive Attorney General than he was.

There is no rest for the weary. Presidential and congressional primaries are only months away.

Ron Sanders
SurfKY News

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