Hooked on Science - Spooky Cloud

OCTOBER 15th – 21st

Searching for a way to add a little science to your Halloween? If so, throughout the month of October, our ‘Science Guy’ Jason Lindsey and kid scientists will show us Spooky Science Experiments. This week, It’s the Spooky Cloud.  

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My science helper, Yohannes and I have a pretty cool science experiment we want you to see. it’s called the ‘Spooky Cloud.’ It might get a little scary here in the Hooked-ON Science Lab, but i promise, Yohannes, you are going to be safe. When it comes to a cloud, what is it? Millions and millions of water droplets. Good job! Give me five for science! Inside of here, I have a bunch of dry ice. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide gas. Yohannes, if I leave this dry ice, right here on the science desk and I come back, many years later, what will i find? Nothing! You are right, it will be dry, why, because dry ice doesn’t melt, it sublimates, it goes from a solid to a gas. Dry ice in here, hot water in here. Mix the two together, we get the spooky cloud. Are you ready Yohannes? Three, two, one. Wow! isn’t that pretty cool? Yea! Are you okay over there? Yea! Awesome! For Hooked on Science, I’m Jason Lindsey.

Jason Lindsey aka ‘Mr. Science,’ with Hooked on Science, recently made his 10th appearance on America’s most-watched morning show, the NBC Today show. Click HERE to watch!


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