outdoortruths 03 300KENTUCKY (4/22/18) — There’s nothing like fishing this time of year. The mornings are cool, the evenings are warm and the fishing can be good most of the day. While most fishermen still prefer to arrive at daylight, some of the best fishing will actually be up in the morning as the sun comes up and warms the water. This really allows more opportunities to hitch up the boat and head to the lake or river.

These next six weeks will be a fisherman’s paradise. I love this time of year. What I have noticed over time is that I must watch becoming so set in my ways that I am unwilling to adapt and change. For instance, I know these mid-mornings are perhaps the best time to catch fish, but I still plan my quick trips around being in the water at daylight.

The problem is that by 11 a.m., I’m rushing to get back home and idling by some of the best fishing spots. Why didn’t I just get a few more things done before I left and arrived at the river at 9 instead of 6?

This also goes for deer hunting. I know ad nauseam that when the moon is full, the deer travel around noon. But for some reason I still arrive before dawn and have a hard time staying in the stand until 10:30.

Why can’t I learn and adapt?

I think it is because these times only come around once a month and even then it doesn’t matter unless we are in a particular hunting or fishing season. As a result, I just do what I have always done and get the same bad results and then beat myself up because I know better.

There are times in each year that are more productive than others. Whether it’s fishing or hunting, some times of the year are better than others and some hours during those times are also better as well. It doesn’t matter how excited I may get or how much I think this day will be different, or how much I think I have figured out a new way. Some things and some times are more productive and I would be served well to change my actions instead of following my own hype concerning how I may have beaten the odds one time 20 years ago.

I sometimes get tired of hearing people talk about the good old days, especially when they talk about religion. To be honest, I think we talk about the “old time religion” ad nauseam as well, as if God can’t keep up with the times and as if we need to go back to get God’s best. There’s a Greek word for that – malarkey.

I really don’t want the old-time religion. I want to be a part of what God is doing today. Please don’t put words in my mouth; I do believe the Bible is Holy Spirit inspired and without error, but I also believe that God is not an antiquated piece of furniture where we are always exclaiming “they don’t make furniture like that anymore.”

The truth is, they do make good furniture today and God is still relevant, contemporary and as fresh as tomorrow’s headlines. What we need to do is realize that God may have shown up at dawn 30 years ago, but He may be showing up at mid-morning now. We can bemoan the past and long for Him to return at dawn or we can decide to put our boat in at a different time – at the place He is working today.
Gary Miller
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