bill adcockKENTUCKY (6/19/18) — The atheists wanting freedom from religion are trying to lasso America’s military as well as the public schools. The U.S. Navy has stood up and rejected their demand to remove the Bible from a respected custom among the military ranks .. the Missing Man Table.  This is a long-held tradition honoring the MIA, POW or KIA in America’s military service. 

This custom was on display in April at the U.S. Naval hospital in Okinawa, Japan; and, was the target of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The MRFF sent a complaint to Rear Adm. Paul D. Pearigen stating that using the Bible in the display violated the U.S. Constitution.

The Admiral replied: “I assure you that the Bible and the description of the POW/MIA remembrance table are consistent with ... The Constitution.”  

The anti-religion cynics’ criticism in America has a personal feud with religion. The hostile takeover of public schools has resulted in our schools’ kids being murdered; because, this is a spiritual war.

Unlike Rear Adm. Pearigen, the churches have just let the doubters take-over the schools.  Unfortunately, the churches are letting the anti-religious loud-mouths (squeaky wheels get the grease) off the hook. And unlike the Rear Adm. at Okinawa, America’s churches have not even let out a whimper! 

The atheist groups seeking freedom from religion want to trample down our right to speak freely. And for students, according to the U.S. Dept. of Education, Christian students have religious liberties even in school.   

The following liberties are the students’ and teachers’ civil rights. 

The Christian student can pray, read the Bible or other religious material, and talk about their faith at school.  Students can organize prayer groups and religious clubs, and announce these meetings. Students can express their faith in their class work and homework. Teachers can organize prayer groups with other teachers. Students can go off campus to have religious studies during school hours. Students can express their faith at a school event. Students can express their faith at their graduation ceremony.

Because the American church is silent, our youth have suffered!  

The church has a duty to DO something ... not just speak from the pulpit.  

The church’s duty is to become a living arena in the public square ... not just stay inside the four walls of the church. The church must DO something in the public arena where Christ will personally confront society in judgment or redemption.

The church is God-birth, His instrument. So, it is the church that can redeem our schools. It is the church that can stop the murdering of our youth. It is the church that can stop this spiritual war on our youth.  It is His instrument, the church, that needs to let out the clutch, and get to work. 

Hear the words of our sixth president John Quincy Adams: “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you make good use of it."  

What is it costing the church to do nothing?

The American public schools are worth redeeming. 

Religion is the public school’s friend; not the enemy. 

Bill Adcock
SurfKY News Contributing Columnist

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